Apple iPad PRO 2020: A Full Desktop Experience

Apple iPad PRO 2020

Apple unveils a new iPad Pro 2020 with a new magic keyboard accessory along with a breakthrough LiDAR scanner and a full-size trackpad in front of your backlit keys. New Magic Keyboard optimized for iPad Pro features floating hardware, backlit keyboard, and trackpad provides you the best typing experience on iPad ever. It looks as similar as possible to a laptop, without really being called a laptop.

The trackpad is activated by Apple’s iPad OS 13.4, where the on-screen cursor has been optimized to function seamlessly whether it is being worked on the touchscreen by your mouse, or on the trackpad. For example, by using touch the cursor is a circle to highlight aspects of what’s on the screen, while the trackpad is made to move between devices, use the dock, or are more efficient for multitasking. There are also more features available with this iPad Pro for those who choose to work with the API. 

Pro’s Magic Keyboard

The Magic Keyboard attaches with a trackpad for the first time that essentially turns the iPad Pro into a complete substitute for the laptop. The pad itself has a click-anywhere interface, which works for gesture controls in combination with Apple’s iPad OS update version 13.4 and a lot more.

The LiDAR Scanner in 2020 Apple Ipad Pro

It’s an interesting addition to the feature list for the iPad. The Light Detection and Ranging, or lidar, the sensors are probably best for its use in high-tech automotive cruise control systems as well as in autonomous cars.  The lasers can determine the distance between an object and the sensor accurately and rapidly.

The Highest Screen in Apple iPad Pro 2020 

The iPad Pro comes in two sizes, giving you more versatility and the ability to pick up a new model for well below $1,000 yet. The smaller of the two has an 11-inch screen display and the bigger a 12.9-inch screen. They have the same Retina Liquid monitor with ProMotion 120Hz technology. This makes them the biggest iPad models you can purchase right now.

Spec Highlights

  • Apple provides storage space with up to 1TB, 256 GB and a new A12Z Bionic chip.
  • It has improved the thermal performance of the octa-core chip
  • It also enhanced the thermal efficiency of the octa-core chip and its ability to perform intensive operations such as 4 K video editing and 3D model building.
  • Also if you don’t know anything about the chip itself, the 2020 iPad Pro is still the largest, fastest and most powerful iPad you can buy right now.    

Two Cameras System for Apple iPad Pro 2020

The iPad Pro comes with two camera lenses on the rear. A 12-megapixel main lens is pairing with a 10-megapixel wide-angle lens that suits Apple’s typical iPhone features. It is a versatile, enjoyable setup that is useful in many cases for most people. And also it comes with a LIDAR scanner.

Release Date 

According to Apple, the official release date for iPad Pro 2020 is March 24, but the online store claims that the first shipping date in the US is March 25. You may have to wait an extra day for your brand new iPad to play on.

Our Final Verdict

The large screen of the iPad Pro is probably the best way to experience it while operating the new Apple iPad Pro 2020. What’s interesting about the lidar software is that it first comes to the iPad, paving the way for something similar to arrive on a potential iPhone, where it can further improve the camera with 3D capabilities besides the AR functionality as well.