Be Aware: Amazon is tracking each tap on kindle

Amazon is tracking each tap on kindle

Amazon kindle is a set of e-readers that permits users to view, browse and download newspapers, magazines, and e-books through wireless networks. Similar to the other social media platforms, Amazon is also now tracking their kindle users. When they purchase e-books from an online library, Amazon tracks its activities on the device. Amazon has a valid justification for why it is tracking data. The company is recording and storing data. 

Amazon’s Disclosure on the Tracking Tap

The Kindle products contain an in-build sync feature to read status across multiple devices. The name of this feature is “Whispersync”. This will allow the users to sync their accurate places in a document including bookmarks and highlights. Whenever you flip a page on the eBook while studying insights of it the Amazon monitors and collect information. This is done through the kindle software. 

Amazon extracts the insights for the user benefits. For example: whenever the software notices readers tapping the page in frequent succession, it provides the references of the remaining section of the book.

The other inbuilt feature used in kindle products is page flip also referred to as a navigation feature. This helps the users to perform continuous scroll while reading the document

Amazon uses reading insights to monitor the reading objective of the reader. The details of this log are implemented during the update of the software.

When users left on a particular page, the sync feature will help them to reach the page on which they left their reading. This is the main reason to track kindle products.

Disallow the Amazon Kindle to extract your data?

If you don’t want Amazon to extract the information on your Kindle then you can request Amazon to delete your existing information through settings. Amazon retains the information as it is required to perform the objectives written in privacy policy legally. Thus on the request of users, the company deletes the data.

You can stop Amazon to fetch your data on every tap through different methods.

Turn off Whispersync:

This is an important feature to manage content. Below mentioned are the steps:

  • Open the URL of the Amazon desktop site.
  • Go and click on the Manage Your Content and Devices page.
  • Select and click the settings.
  • Scroll down until you discover the Whispersync Device Synchronization.
  • Click ON button and turn off 

Keep kindle products data secure:

  • Visit the security page of the website.
  • Tap the settings icon and set a pin code.
  • Enter a 4 digit secure pin.
  • Confirm by reentering pin and then tap the finish.
  • You can also set the password delay


Follow the above-mentioned steps to protect Amazon to track your every tap on kindle. Moreover, you can use the Encrypt feature to protect your content by entering the password. Browse the internet safely by block pop-up windows and install the software.