Create an Inventory or Service Item Record in Sage 50

Inventory or Service Item Record in Sage 50

Before recording transactions related to inventory you require setting up the inventory or service items in Sage 50. It saves time. The below write-up will discuss the method of creating inventory item records in Sage 50.

How to Create an Inventory or Service Item Record in Sage 50?

  • Open the Inventory window
  • You can create a service item with the below steps:
  • Open the Home window
  • Hit the Inventory & Services option on the navigation pane
  • Locate the Tasks pane
  • Now locate the icon named Inventory & services
  • Choose Add Inventory and services button from the menu
  • Locate the right corner of the window
  • Search for type button
  • Choose Inventory tab
  • Click in the box named item number, fill a reference number regarding inventory item
  • Hit on the Description field; enter a brief description related to the item. This description contains the forms and transactions item number
  • If you have categories named setup, choose a category in the list
  • Give a hit on each button on the window
  • Enter in the below details:
  • Units
  • Vendors
  • Quantities
  • Pricing
  • Serial numbers
  • Build
  • Taxes
  • Linked
  • Additional info
  • Statistics
  • Detailed Description
  • If you do not need to buy or sell the item then give a click on the checkbox named inactive item at the bottom of the page to set it inactive
  • Open the File button and then select Save
  • Now you can add items and services of the inventory with the below windows:
  • Item Assembly
  • Sales, Quotes, and Orders
  • Item Assembly
  • Adjustments
  • Inventory & Vendors
  • Purchases, Quotes, and Orders

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How to Create a Service Item in Sage 50?

Firstly generate a new service item record with the below steps:

  • Open the home window
  • Choose option labeled Inventory & Services on the navigation section
  • Go to the menu and then give a click on Add Inventory & Services
  • Now choose services in the Type option on the right corner of the window
  • If you need to include services on-time slips then choose a check box named Activity
  • Write a reference number in the field named item number for the associated service item
  • Give a click on the Description field, enter the item’s brief description
  • Click on the category form if you have set up the categories
  • Now hit each option on the window and enter the below details:
  • Units
  • Linked
  • Pricing
  • Taxes
  • Time and Billing
  • Detailed Description
  • Statistics
  • Additional Info
  • If you don’t need buying and selling service then choose the checkbox named inactive at the window bottom
  • If there is an item as a service you need monitoring internally then give a click on the checkbox named Internal Service Activity
  • Go to the file option
  • Hit Save button


Now you are aware of how to create an Inventory or Service Item Record in Sage 50! Hopefully, the information is beneficial for you. So what to think? Follow the instructions and start creating an inventory item. If you fail in understanding any of the terms or need to know more get connected with the Sage experts team.


Do I Add Inventory Items & Services on the fly?

Yes, there are the following windows you can use to add items to inventory:

  • Sales, order, and Quotes
  • Adjustments
  • Item Assembly
  • Purchase Order & Quotes

What If I Need to Modify Inventory Records in Sage 50?

  • Open the window named maintain inventory items window
  • Find the desired inventory item
  • Make the needed changes
  • Hit Save button

How Would I Delete an Inventory Record in Sage 50?

  • Open the Maintain Inventory Items window for the desired item
  • Find the Delete icon and give a click on it
  • It will prompt “Are you sure you need to delete the record”
  • Give a hit on the Yes button to delete the inventory record from the Sage 50