Download Sage Timeslips Latest and Older Versions

Download Sage Timeslips Latest and Older Versions

It’s never been easier to boost profits and offer more accurate and timely billing with Sage. Timeslips is very easy to use, and it is now simple to record the bills and reports of all legal firms, making it simpler to boost money. In this article, you are going to get a complete guide on what is Sage timeslips and How to Download Sage Timeslips Latest and Older Versions

What is Download Sage Timeslips and Older Versions

Sage Timeslips e-Center helps to generate time and expense slips online from computers. Sage Timeslips billing and time-tracking software meet all of the demands of a modern legal office, and with integrated online payments provided by LawPay, the program quickly allows for accurate collection of billable hours and more accurate and timely invoicing. You have to purchase applications for the E-Center individually.

What are the System Requirements for Download Sage Timeslips Latest and Older Versions?

System Requirements for Download Sage Timeslips Latest and Older Versions::

System Requirements for the Server:

  • Free storage space for software files of 300 MB.
  • A minimum of 8 GB of RAM (with a maximum of 16 GB).
  • 2002, 2012, and 2016: Windows Server versions are available.
  • Windows 7: Ultimate or Professional.
  • Windows 8, and Windows 10 are all available as free downloads.
  • No Network Storage.
  • Database files should be at least 100MB in size.

Workstation Requirements:

  • System Requirements for Windows 10 Pro
  • For program files, 300 MB of free hard drive space; additional space for storing other files.
  • Recommendations: A minimum of 4 GB RAM, with 8 GB RAM.
  • Windows 7 and Window 8 Ultimate.
  • No Helpdesk Network Attached Storage.
  • A minimum of 100 MB for the local database.

System Requirements for the Terminal Services:

  • 2002, 2012, and 2016: Windows Server versions are available.
  • A minimum of 8 GB of RAM (with a maximum of 16 GB). 
  • High-speed Internet connections.
  • To utilize Sage Timeslips Premium and Sage Timeslips online services forever.

System Requirements for the Internet Browser:

  • Internet Explorer 11, the latest version of Microsoft’s browser.
  • Microsoft’s Edge browser.

What are the Benefits of Sage Timeslips and Older Versions?

The Benefits of Sage Timeslips and Older Versions:

  • Easy-to-understand reports for better results.
  • Never misses a chance of billable opportunity.
  • Integration with LawPay’s Pay feature.
  • Increased productivity by automatic time collection.
  • All procedures, from billing to accounts receivable, are easy to manage.
  • Ensure that time and expenditure records are correct.

What are the Features of Sage Timeslips and Older Versions?

Sage Timeslips have these features:

Simple reporting using Valuable Business Insights

Through simple reporting, Timeslips aids in the easy comprehension of performance. The program has over 100 pre-built reports with the built-in report builder. It is easy to create a custom report and explore different ways of viewing your data.

  • With the aid of the guided report wizard, it is possible to create bespoke reports.
  • There are over 100 pre-program reports.

Despite Timeslip’s Helpdesk for a conflict of interest checker, it does not permit the insertion of adverse or linked parties as associated contacts. When adding relevant contacts, such as competing attorneys, judges, and so on, you may now add the connections of conflicting parties to client records.

  • A second additional tab has more contacts for convenient access.
  • It also allows clients to see how contact is related to their particular case.

Online Payments

You may now send emails to clients with a Pay Now link, that allows you to click and make payments online, to the firm’s accounts. LawPay’s simple online payment solution connects easily with Sage Timeslips. LawPay is an industry-leading payment system designed exclusively for law firms that allows them to collect client payments online in an easy and safe manner from inside Sage.

Expenses and Smart Time Entry

The majority of entries are automated and precisely collected in a customized manner, such as pre-populating account entries, automatically capturing time, populating client-based activities, and associated expenditure lists. Even your workflow includes data capturing via voice-to-text.

  • Account information.
  • Custom fields for client-specific tasks and cost lists.
  • Data capturing from voice to text.
  • Automatic time capturing.

Intuitive Bill Creation

A simple drag-and-drop modification allows you to create professional-looking bills fast and effortlessly. With access to LEDES 98B and Litigation Advisor 1, Sage Timeslips Helpdesks a variety of payment methods and standards.

  • You can improve the bill’s appearance and professionalism by simple drag-and-drop modification
  • For draft bills, you can also add your own watermark.

How to Download and Install Sage Timeslips and Older Versions?

Once you download Sage Timeslips in your system you then install it now. Follow the steps mentioned below to Install Sage Timeslips and Older Versions on your workstation to perform a local installation:

  • First, start by typing the \server_name into the search box.
  • Once you type it press Enter.
  • Now make sure you enter in your server’s name.
  • TSSHARE is the name of the folder on the network share list. (If you don’t obtain this result, double-check that you’ve properly shared TSSHARE and that the name of your Timeslips folder is accurate).
  • Then double click on TSSHARE.
  • Now to begin the installation, open the Timeslips folder, then the LoclInst folder, then double-click on Setup.exe.
  • Select the chosen installation type when commencing the local installation.
  • Now you can save Sage Timeslips in the location you choose. This is normally C:\Program Files\Timeslips\ and on 64-bit workstations, and C:\Program Files (x86)\Timeslips\.
  • Launch Sage Timeslips when the installation is complete
  • Finally, install this locally on all of your workstations.

Note: To learn more about Sage Timeslips, go to Help, and then Server nameTimeslips.

Your Server nameTimeslips should be \server_name\Timeslips\, its the Installation folder, and the Application folder should be the same as the path above mentioned 5 steps above.


Sage Timeslips is the best option for your business that invoices for services and wants to turn more of its employee’s time into cash. Timeslips provides all of the essentials for collecting time and expense records and creating invoices from that information, and it makes even the most intricate billing cycles easier.

This complete guide should enable you to download and install Sage Timeslips and Older Versions. If you are still stuck or have any questions, we provide quick and easy assistance services.


What are the other features of Sage Timeslips and Older Versions?

The features of Sage Timeslips and Older Versions are as follows:

  • With Sage Timseslips payments and transactions are simple to track and manage.
  • It allows you to create user-defined rules and time periods that are tailored to your company’s needs.
  • Timeslips is a full-featured account management system.
  • It’s compatible with a variety of accounting software.
  • It helps to select from a list of pre-defined Accounts reports on Receivables.

A single-user installation in Sage Timeslips refers to any installation with only one station license. The following are some examples of single-user installations:

  • Installation for a single user on a network workstation with the database also on a network workstation: You can install Sage Timeslips Premium on your local workstation and keep your Sage Timeslips Premium database on the same workstation if you acquired a single station license of Sage Timeslips and your workstation is linked to a network.
  • Installation for a single user on a network workstation with the database stored on a network disc: Your Sage Timeslips Premium database must be stored locally on your workstation’s hard discs. Otherwise, you will not be able to maintain a database over a network if you acquired a single station license of Sage Timeslips Premium and your workstation is connected to one. 
  • Installation for a single user on a single computer: The software files and the database will be stored on that machine if you bought a single Sage Timeslips Premium license and only have one computer. 

Yes you need to change your Windows Network and Sharing section to enable File sharing and Network discovery, You just need to follow these steps:

  • To enable File sharing and Network discovery, you may need to go into your Windows Network and Sharing area.
  • Now change Advanced Sharing Settings may be found in the Network and Sharing section of the Windows Control Panel.
  • Then make that File and printer sharing, as well as Network discovery, are enabled.
  • It is vital to ensure that TCP port 3050 is open if you have a firewall configured.
  • Finally, this port is used by the Sage Timeslips Premium Firebird Database engine to send and receive data across network computers.

Note: Sage Timeslips Premium will not be able to open databases on your server if it is closed.