Facebook’s Official Twitter and Instagram Accounts Hacked

Facebook’s Official Twitter and Instagram Accounts Hacked

Hacking is a common thing now a day. many incidents are coming on a daily basis in which hackers just hack the data, accounts and many other things and steal the data or money. It can be misused or can be sold to anyone. Recent news of hacking is from Facebook. Some hackers calling them OurMine hacked into Facebook official Instagram and Twitter accounts.

If you think that only account of your or anyone’s account is can be hacked then you would amaze to know that big brands like Even Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts can be hacked. Recently OurMine group hacked facebook’s official twitter, messenger, Instagram account and then posted the same details in a list. Later on, a Twitter person said that “Facebook and messenger were hacked on Friday by a third party, and after knowing the issue we locked those accounts and working on them to restore them”.

Giants like Facebook also confirm that the accounts were hacked but now it is restored and secured. Jane Manchun was the first person to watch this incident and she wrote that it was fun that cyber-attacks were keeping posting the tweets and Facebook keeps deleting them. When OurMine hacked the singer Channing Tatum’s Twitter handle they changed the bio to Hey, It’s OurMine. We were just checking the security and visit the ourming.org to upgrade your account. The hacker’s group OurMine group basically contains three different hackers; however, Our mine group claims that their primary concern is to make aware the people about the security of their social media accounts. They said that this is also a way of advertising their brand name.

Some of the High profile social media accounts hacked earlier

Earlier also OurMine has broken many high profile social media accounts, some of the accounts are such as,

  • Netflix
  • WWE
  • Sundar Pichai
  • Daniel Ek
  • David Guetta
  • Channing Tatum
  • Drake and many more.


The conclusion is that everything is hackable and any expert can hack any of the social media account and many things, so we need to aware of the security of our accounts. Just remember to change the password after every period of time and check your security settings frequently and be safe.