How Driverless Cars Are Challenging Traditional Car Manufacturers?

How driverless cars are challenging traditional car manufacturers?

Driverless cars or robotic cars are the new challenges for artificial intelligence in the automobile industries which is introduced. Do you think driverless cars are challenging traditional car manufacturers? With connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV) and where is no human input is processing to run the cars. Driverless cars have integrated with specific sensors such as radar, sonar, GPS, lidar, inertial measurement units. And odometry which makes them sensing the environment and all surrounding and moving safely with input filled data. There are many private car companies that will work on this auto-driving technology with autonomous driving startups. The top-most companies who will focus on this technology listed below: 


Tesla comes with the latest car technology with more safety applications. The famous Palo Alto electric car organization introduced software named “Smart Summon” which is a part Tesla Company. Tesla uses this software in a very smart way to detect vehicles. With your smart mobile phones and find any object which obstructs its path. They introduced new technology where the driver holds his finger or thumbprint on the screen and the running car will top. Also, work on this driverless car and try to beat all challenges. They work on it with all advanced technologies and test to verify the security system of this great innovation. 


The driverless cars are great innovations and Google is one of the leading ways to turn this innovation into reality. Google’s driverless car technology Focus to overcome all challenges. On this artificial intelligence, they research and find the solution to overcome all magnificent challenges such as sensor nodes connectivity, safety issues, sensing all-around surroundings and many more. Google’s intentions are very clear to avoid accidents and helping people who don’t know driving are able to go anywhere with these cars. They rapidly research on it and moving forward to run this advanced technology soon.


Driverless cars are a major challenge in the automotive industry. Facebook also works on driverless cars. They also research to improve the parameter of this advanced technology due to its dynamic nature technology. This technology has major challenges because this innovation has to be sensed all around. With good sensors connectivity and controllability because if it is not 100% safe, it will be dangerous for human life. So, they will focus to face all challenges and try to overcome it with a 100 % guarantee.

Driverless cars are surely challenging traditional car manufacturers but there is a long way to go in the development of driverless cars but surely there is a future with them.