How Qualcomm’s new X60 modems can change the future of 5G

Qualcomm’s X60 5g modems

Mobile technology is invented some decades back and it is surprisingly increasing day by day. Many of the mobile modem and processors are developing day by day to give the best speed and output. Today we are talking about the new Qualcomm X60 modem which changes the future of 5G. With the help of X60, the mobile world would be faster and more power-efficient. Let’s check out the details of the X60 modem.

What is the Qualcomm X60 modem?

Qualcomm is one of the U.S based companies majorly deals in semiconductor and Telecommunications equipment. Also, creating designs and wireless telecommunications products and services. The headquarters is based in San Diego, California. Qualcomm has just revealed a new 5g modem which is Snapdragon X60. The full name is “Qualcomm Snapdragon X60 5g modem RF system”. It is the first 5g modem which is built on 5 nm node, which shows it is developed using the technology of 5 nm or nanometers.

Benefits of Qualcomm X60 modem

The new modem is capable to give 5G speed of 7.5Gbps download and 3Gbps upload speed. Snapdragon X60 give Helpdesk for mmWave and sub 6 spectrum aggregations, with advanced modem RF technologies optimize the transmitting and receiving path.

By adding a global multi sim phone will be 5G ready and X60 Helpdesks every 5G network. Everyone can enjoy the fastest internet 5G speed. This modem comes with both TDD and FDD networks and it also Helpdesks 4G LTE, 3G, and 2G bands. As per Qualcomm 5G phone would are expected to launch in 2021.

5G boosts the speed, coverage, and responsibility of the wireless network. It will be like 100 times faster as compared to today’s cellular connection. It is the most advance technology after the 4G. The next generations’ networks are already working in the U.S and in some other countries; however, they are not perfect. The 2020 year will be the 5G year and it brings a big revolution to mobile technology. The X60 follows the X55 modem which almost gives power to most of the 5G phones. This is the world’s first multimode 5G modem in the world in the millimeter-wave.

Qualcomm also launched new technology “The Qualcomm ultra saw filter technology, it is specially made to improve the power of signal which is sent to a phone. Better signals mean you will get better performance and less power usage.

We are currently using 4g phones and it is also providing better speed, some of the mobiles have upgraded to 5G only. However many companies are already working on climbing t 5G which is the best for users to provide the best user experiences to the users. Apple is also doing hard work to provide change the platform to 5G.


Rolling over a modem is a good thing of a new revolution which brings many revolutionary things to the world and it will be like a boon. However, we have to wait for the launching of Qualcomm’s new X60 modem to see its performance.