How to Deal with Sage MSVCP140.dll Error Sage

Sage MSVCP140.dll Error

First of all, we should understand that what does MSVCP140.dll error does in Sage, well, if you come across this error while working in Sage, then it will not let the program open. There are several reasons that cause this error in Sage 50, those are listed as below:

  1. You have not installed Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable for Visual studio in your system.
  2. Or Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable is not there or missing from your workstation.
  3. You have not installed service pack 1 on your system.

There are few immediate actions that you can take to resolve the issue while you are trying to open Sage 50, those are listed as below:

  1. If due to missing MSVCP140.dll, the program does not start, you can try reinstalling the program on your computer.
  2. If in case MSVCP140.dll is not found on your system and is unable to process the code execution, then you can reinstall the application to fix this problem.

Your program will be in working mode once again after few minutes. Let us now look into different solution methods that you can apply to resolve or troubleshoot this error, apart from the above methods.

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Troubleshooting methods to Resolve the MSVCP140.dll Error in Sage

Method 1. Installation of MSVCP140.dll file on Your System

Step 1. First of all, you can use client and download the file.

Step 2. Now you need to double click on the application and run it. After this, in search box type dll and then you can search for the Dll files.

Step 3. The result of the search once opened, you can then select the Dll and then click on install, you will have to first register for the program then click on install.

Step 4. After the installation is finished, check whether the MSVCP140.dll problem is resolved or not.

Method 2. Reinstallation of the Distributable Package of Microsoft Visual C++

You must be aware that the Visual studio 2015 is there as a part of MSVCP140.dll itself, so when you try to install it on Windows, the installation of the essential package starts automatically. But it is possible that the file is corrupted in one way or another. So to resolve this error, you can reinstall the distributable package.

Method 3. Copy and paste the Redistributable Package

Step 1. First, you need to identify the operating system of your system and find another computer with the same OS from where you will copy the file.

Step 2. Now you need to use 32 bit/ 64-bit architectures of Windows 7/8/10 of the operating system, it should be the same on both the computers.

Step 3. Lastly, you can use the same location to copy and paste the file on C:\Windows\system 32 on your system.

Ensure that you use the trusted computer to copy and paste the redistributable package file on your system.

The above methods will surely resolve the issue, but we have also compiled a list of frequently asked questions from users’ end. You can refer to these questions as a cheat sheet while fixing the error or if you need help around small related topics for Sage 50. So let’s not delay further and just dive in.


What are the basic steps to resolve MSVCP140.DLL error?

You can take the following basic steps to resolve the issue:

You can reinstall the MSVCP140.DLL files on your computer.
You can reinstall the Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable package.
You should ensure the clean installation of the program.
You can copy the redistributable package file from another trusted computer.
You can try running the anti-virus scan on your system or computer.
Lastly, you can also switch to Chrome OS to resolve this issue.

What is the main cause behind the MSVCP140.DLL missing error on your system?

This happens when there are corrupted system files on your Windows 7, which is causing this issue and due to which you are receiving the error. You can try reinstalling the MSVCP140.DLL files on your computer, that will hopefully resolve the issue.

Can you let me know the process steps to download the ODBC drivers for Sage 100?

First of all, start by clicking on Windows + R on your computer’s keyboard and after that type the text ‘odbcad32’ in the dialogue box that gets opened and after that click OK. Once you are done with this go in the ODBC data source administrator dialog box, choose the system DSN or User DSN tab. And after that, you need to click on add, search and locate the necessary driver from the list and click on Finish.

Do let me know the list of steps to connect to the Sage database?

You can start the process by taking the first step that is to click opening the Sage 50 program on your system and once you have done this, click open your company file. Now you need to click on choose to maintain> users and then go ahead and set up the security window. Once done with this, you need to select the login credentials and click on change, you can do this under the access from outside Sage 50.

How can I connect to Sage data on a client computer by adding a new company to the new installation?

First, you need to click open the Sage accounts and enter your registration details, if required and then click on continue. After that, you need to select an existing company stored on your network and click on browse. Now enter or browse to the location of the shared folder and then choose the ACCDATA folder and after that click on OK and then click on next. Now you need to confirm the details of the company that you want to connect with, and after verifying the details, you can click on connect and then click on convert.