How to Download the Sage 50 2021.1.1 Update on your System?

How‌ ‌to‌ ‌download‌ ‌the‌ ‌Sage‌ ‌50‌ ‌2021.1.1‌ ‌update‌ ‌on‌ ‌your‌ ‌system‌ ‌

Sage 50 2021.1.1 update was released in January 2021, and customers were notified from Jan’19 2021, that the update 2021.1.1 was ready to be installed on the product i.e., Sage 50 accounting software. The product update 2021.1.1 was released and specifically meant for Sage 50 payroll functionality users. Let us see what new features are being included in Sage 50 updated 2021.1.1. So, the new features that would be included in Sage 50 2021.1.1 are:

  1. Updated tax table for January 2021.
  2. And covid specific updates reported on T4 in Canada. (T4 is a document on which income is reported for the year including income received and any deductions etc.).

You should have Sage 50 2021 or 2021.1 installed on your system beforehand if you want to install the Sage 50 2021.1.1 update on your system. In case you do now have the existing version as mentioned above already installed on your system, it is better to go for installing the Sage 50 2021 – full product which would already include the updated features mentioned above.

In the next section, we will discuss the process steps to install the updates tax table and the need for installation of a second update specifically for the Canadian version.

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Process Steps to Install tax table and Covid Specific Update Feature Included in Sage 50 2021.1.1 Update

Tax Table Updates

For installation of updated tax tables, you should first verify that they are not already installed on your application, you can do this by following the below steps:

Step 1. First, click on Help and then click on About Sage 50 accounting.

Step 2. Now you need to confirm the version number of the tax table already installed. If it is reflecting as 20210104 for release 2021.1.1, then this means that most current tax tables are already installed on your Sage 50 software.

Steps for Installing the Updates

If in case your tax table version number is different, kindly follow the below process to install the latest one.

Step 1. First, ensure that Sage 50 2021.1 is already installed on your system.

Step 2. After that, click on services > check for updates > check now. This will help you in knowing any updates waiting for your Sage 50 accounting software.

Step 3. Now click on download to install the Sage 50 2021.1.1 updates i.e., the current tax table on your accounting software.

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Covid Specific Update for T4 Reporting Purpose (for Canadian Version)

If you were earlier retaining the vacation pay for your employees, you do not need to install the update 2021.1.1 for T4 reporting purpose instantly, you can normally prepare your employees’ T4s with the help of an earlier version i.e., 2021.1, and update the product as per your convenience.

But in case you were paying out the vacation pay on each paycheque to your employees during last year i.e., 2020, then you must install Sage 50 2021.1.1 update immediately for the sake of correcting reporting on T4s. Because vacation pay already paid out with each pay cheques were not being correctly reported during the covid-19 period.

So, in case you were paying out the vacation pay to your employees during the covid-19 period, then you can use the steps mentioned under the Tax updates heading for installing the Sage 50 2021.1.1 updates on your system.

There are some frequently asked questions that we have collated for your convenience purpose, let us move ahead and look into them, they answered by the Sage 50 assistance experts and it will really help you out a lot on related topics.


What are the Basic Steps to Install Sage 50 Server Updates on the System?

For installing Sage 50 updates, you need to first login into your server, then click on services, check for updates > check now. After that, look for results that say “entitled”, you need to click on those updates and click download. You can follow the installation wizard to complete the download process after that.

You need to click on the menu bar and then click on Help, you can check for updates and click download for available updates. After that click on ‘Accept license’ and click next. Now check that the path is the same i.e., the one you noted earlier, and click on yes and click Ok again.

For transferring the Sage payroll on a new computer, you need to have the Sage payroll saved on a USB device from your old computer, then you can go on the new computer, put in the USB device in the relevant slot on your computer, and browse for it. After you locate the USB device click on the file named ‘CompleteMicropayTransfer.exe’ and click on next. Now for copying the files on your computer click on Transfer and click on Finish after the transferring process is finished.

For restoring the Sage backup file, click on menu > click File > click restore and then click on Next. Now click on the files you wish to restore and click Next. Now click on browse and locate and double click on the backup that you wish to restore and click next and finish.

You need to open the Sage 50 software and open the company that you want to take the backup data for. Now click on the file and then back up. You will see a ‘Sage 50 – Backup’ window and you need to enter the file name there and choose the folder where you want to save the backup data. After that click on OK to start the creation of the backup process.
Hope our efforts in creating this article proves useful and insightful for you, but in case you need further help, do now hesitate a bit and give a quick call on toll-free number , Sage 50 accounting software Helpdesk, the Helpdesk executives will help you out.