How to Install Excel Integration Module-EIR in Sage

Install Excel Integration Module

In this blog, we will talk about the EIR module in Sage. But before proceeding further let us have a brief understanding of the Sage and the Excel Integration Module(EIR) of Sage. 

What is Sage

Sage is a multinational software company based in England.  And the Sage 50 is an accounting software developed by the company for small and medium-sized businesses. Sage has a range of 6.1 million customers worldwide.

Now, let us know What Excel Integration Module is all about and how it helps in accounting.

Introduction to Excel Integration module

Excel Integration Module is Sage50’s add-in module. You can save your company time with this. Retrieve and process information from your account easily with the module and give access to other people so that they can use it for their own purposes. 

Why use Excel Integration Module-

  • Sage’s Excel Integration module is power-packed with a list of reports and summaries to help you use your accounts data to the fullest.
  • Other users can access the information even without having a flare of Sage50.
  • While giving access to other users Sage’s security system makes sure that your data doesn’t get harmed. 
  • The example sheets provided in the module give you a brief understanding of its working. 
  • Combining account data with other information is also made easy in the module.

Installation of Excel Integration Module

The module is generally pre-installed with Sage 50 into your copy of Microsoft Excel. When you open Excel in your system, you will find a new Sage menu and toolbar. It has a list of around 30 reports which can be produced in Excel.

Though EIR gets installed by itself in your system. But the Microsoft Office 365 online is not compatible with the module, try installing a 32-bit desktop app to run the module.

To Install Excel Integration Module EIR for Sage

The first thing you need to do is to check in your data directory whether the Sage options are there or not.

  • Once you open the Excel application, open a new workbook or the existing one you are working on.
  • Find the Sage tab, if you see the tab, follow the next steps but if you are not able to find the Sage tab. Try the following step-
  • Go to the File menu and click on the Options tab.
  • Further move the cursor to Add-ins and click on the same.
  • Then go to Manage drop-down
  • Mark your cursor at Excel Add-ins and click
  • Hit the Go option
  • Select from the list of Sage add-ins and further click the OK option.
  • Proceed to Manage drop-down and point your cursor at COM Add-ins, click and hit OK.
  • Choose the Sage Excel Integration and hit OK.

Once you are done with the Excel integration module installation, it’s time to access your company’s info.

For that, you need to follow a few sets of steps-

Step I- Under the Sage option, locate Sage Applications and after clicking on the same, click Sage 50 accounts.

Step II- Go to recent companies and add your company’s info by clicking Add Company.

Step III- You need to click OK if you are company is listed out there, and if not listed Browse for your company’s data directory and go to setup.dta and Open.

Step IV- Fill in your login info and click the Ok button.

Avoid using the login name which has already been used in Sage Accounts. Better create a new one, and make sure your login name has access to EIR. 

How to Run a Report in Sage Reports-

  1. Hit the Sage option and mark a click on Sage reports.
  2. Choose the report you wish to run, and click on the same.
  3. Then moving forward Click Insert.

If Pre-installed Excel Integration module doesn’t work-

If the pre-installed Excel Integration module is not able to run on your computer or the add-in does not match your system’s requirements, creates problems and Excel stops working, better disable the add-in and can try installing with a CD or download the latest version, follow the steps given below while installing from a CD-

  • Go to Sage 50 Payroll
  • Click on About in the Help menu
  • In the Programs Details Section
  • Note the value shown for Program Directory.
  • Close all the open software.
  • Insert the CD(the Sage 50 Payroll Software CD)
  • Open the CD Drive from Windows Explorer
  • Right-click.
  • Go to Excel Integrated Reporting
  • Run the setup.exe, double click to run.
  • Accept License
  • Select the Restart now from restart options.
  • Your EIR module is now installed.

However, Sage 50 US and Sage 50 UK are two different versions of the accounting software Sage. The usage of the Excel Integration Module (EIR) depends on which version of Sage you are using. The Sage 50 US does not have the add-in module EIR while the Sage 50 UK version does possess the module. If you still face issues while installing the Excel Integration Module in Sage50. Try contacting the Sage Help Center.

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