How to Set up Email Invoices on Sage 50

How to Set up Email Invoices on Sage 50

You can configure your Sage 50 email settings to send emails. You could easily send the messages with Microsoft Outlook, and save additional time. The program has some default settings, but you can override them by automated sending emails.

Email Settings in Sage 50:

Email Provider Setup:

For an email provider like Microsoft Outlook, you need to change the settings so that emails are delivered as soon as possible.

  • Sometimes Microsoft’s software doesn’t work with your Outlook version
  • After this, read the instructions to set up your email settings.
  • Open your Sage 50 accounts
  • Tap the Settings tab
  • Create a new email account with our convenient email setup.
  • Click on the ‘Email Program’ drop-down
  • 【Select Microsoft office outlook】


  • Take a layout backup, firstly.
  • Click on the menu bar to open the Settings tab.
  • Choose your email defaults
  • Choose a program by clicking on the drop-down list.
  • Next click on Webmail
  • Select your preferred email provider from the drop down list
  • Hit on the email provider you want to be.
  • Please enter your Display name and email address below.
  • Fill in the email server information below the email provider.
  • Below log in details, tap on ‘user logged-on user details’
  • After you set up the email settings, follow the steps to complete your setup.
  • Click on Apply, then save changes by clicking on OK

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Things Before Proceeding with Sending Email in Sage 50:

  • Let’s make it easier for our clients, vendors and customers to do business with us by setting up their email account so that their invoices are sent directly to us.
  • Set up a contact list to send invoices to the right people.

Setup Email Message Defaults:

You can customize your email notifications for Sage Accounting. Scroll down to find out how to set up default messages, change the address replies were sent to, and select PDF as a default option.

Modify The Reply Email Address:

If the email gets sent from [email protected] or if someone replies to the email then it is automatically sent to the registered email address or you need to send replies to a different email address.

  • Find your settings button
  • Use the Document Emails tab
  • In the email reply address section, click on one of the following sections
  • Choose Change button
  • It will show you the email address that is used for the most recent replies.
  • Select the Reply tab then click on the Change option
  • Click here to tell us your email address
  • Verify your email inbox using a code.
  • Fill in the code and make sure to check in the Verify tab
  • If the email address is incorrect, then select it again.
  • Select reset tab

Sending a File Using an Email Account:

  • In case you failed to change the no-reply address:[email protected]
  • Send an email from a new e-mail account.
  • Insert a PDF in your export settings
  • Save the file locally to a mobile device or System
  • Send a file from your email account to another email account.

How to Set up a Default Email Message in Sage 50?

  • Locate the Settings button
  • Click Business Settings
  • Select Document emails
  • Now scroll down to the window bottom to choose the type of the document
  • Fill the message
  • The character count will display the eligibility to write
  • Hit Save button

Settings to Send the Email Copies to Yourself:

People can also receive their invoices by email. Just select the Yes button to automatically send a copy of your invoice through email

Link document as of PDFs:

If you want to send a PDF attachment with an email, click on the Yes button. This message auto-populates some fields.

How to Email a Single Invoice in Sage 50?

  • To save an invoice, click “select”, “save”, and then send it.
  • By clicking the “Save” button, it will be saved to this screen.
  •  Click on the button to select an email.

Sending An Email of Multiple Invoices in Sage 50:

With this feature, you can easily send multiple invoices to an email address. You can customize how the invoices look, who they’re sent to, and when they’re sent.

  • Locate the Sales section
  • Click Sales invoices
  • To find the emails you need to choose an issue column on the list named sales invoice.
  • This will display the list of invoices not yet sent.
  • This will display the list of invoices not yet sent.
  • Click on the check box to choose the invoices you need to send.
  • Make sure they are for the similar customer
  • Open the toolbar to view the available email-related icons.
  • Enter your email address
  • To send to multiple recipients, fill in additional email addresses using semicolons:
  • Sending messages to contacts is easy. Use this template for your email.
  • Hit the Send button
  • All of the chosen invoices are forwarded to the entered email addresses.

There are a lot of companies that provide email invoices. If you don’t know how to set up your Sage email invoice, they can help you out.


How would I delete the invoice contact name in Sage 50?

  • Locate the contacts tab
  • Choose Customers
  • Open the customers you require to modify
  • Click on the tab named contacts and Addresses
  • Choose the icon named edit displays next to the contact name
  • Click on Name and then write Main Contact
  • Next, save the applied changes

Export the invoice to PDF

  • Invoicing window
  • Form window
  • Sales window
  • For this, you need to choose the Sales or invoicing option from the Tasks menu
  • Next, write the customer ID
  • Generate the invoice
  • Now hit the Email button
  • Click Send in the dialog box named email forms
  • Use the invoicing window to email the invoice batch:
  • Locate the task menu to click on the invoicing
  • It will appear the invoicing window
  • Choose the drop-down tab
  • Click on the invoices to print option from the menu
  • It will appear in the window named Preview & print filter
  • Hit the Email button once you are done with filter selections from the preview & print filter page

Check if there are multiple versions of Outlook installed in the system. If you don’t have administrator privileges, the system won’t load properly.

  • Close Outlook and Sage 50
  • Proceed with the re-installation procedure of the Sage 50 Accounting product
  • Click Ok on the pop-up message “You currently have Sage 50 installed…”
  • Select Add/Remove program components
  • Click Next tab
  • Unselect the tab named Add-in for Microsoft Outlook
  • Hit Next button
  • Re-write the checkmark for the tab named Add-in for Microsoft Outlook to add on reinstalled Add-in
  • Email the Sage 50 transaction
  • Now set Run as Administrator

There are mainly two mays available to send invoices through email

  • Individually after saving an invoice
  • Use Multiple invoices for a single customer simultaneously
  • Email the invoice once you completed filling in the info, save it, and then send an email later
  • Fill the email address each time you send an invoice, embed an email address to customer contact for sending the same email to an individual each time
  • The email message will comprise of an invoice link to let the customer ease in opening it through a browser
  • Select an invoice PDF version to the email
  • Fill a new email message to send or set up a default message to all customers