Import Your Suppliers, Customers and Products to QuickBooks Online

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Overview of the Topics

Moving the lists and data associated with your Suppliers, Customers, and Products to QuickBooks online can be a daunting task if they have to be done one by one manually and if the fields of the lists are not aligned with the format of QuickBooks. This guide will help you with importing your lists to QuickBooks Online quickly and accurately.

Why You Need to Import Your Suppliers, Customers and Products to QuickBooks Online?

Getting your data of Suppliers, Customers, and Products imported to QuickBooks Online has many advantages like-

  • Data related to your Customers, Suppliers and Products and associated transactions get synchronized and updated regularly.
  • The information remains secure on the company servers of Intuit.
  • Shared access with employees, stakeholders and accountants.
  • Access and edit your data anytime using smart phones, tablets and tablets.

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How to Import Your Suppliers, Customers and Products to QuickBooks Online?

Importing a list of Suppliers, Customers, and Products to QuickBooks Online can be Done Easily Just by following the steps mentioned below-

Step 1- Exporting your list to Excel

  • Began by signing in to the account which contains the list and click on Reports.
  • Run Account List, Supplier Contact List, Customer Contact List or Product / Service List based on the list you wish to export.
  • Now you have to customize the columns of the lists and then save it.
  • Export the reports and open them in Excel.

Step 2- Importing Customers and Supplier Data

  • Start with clicking the Gear icon on the top.
  • From the Tools section, select Import Data.
  • Based on your need, choose Customers or Suppliers from the list.
  • Now click on the Browse button and choose your Excel file. Then click on Open followed by Next.
  • Ensure that the headers in your Excel file should be mapped to the fields in QuickBooks. Click the Next button.
  • Click on Import.

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Issues Occurring During Import Your Suppliers, Customers and Products to QuickBooks Online

  • There can be errors on items which are already in use by your company. Take for instance items such as ‘Services’ and ‘Hours’ that are created by default.
  • There can be errors if you have cancelled the import while importing Products and Services. Such accounts may go missing or deleted during the process.
  • You are unable to import Sub-customers.
  • Error if you entered the same name for a supplier, customer and employee.
  • More than 400 rows of data in a file at one time and having a file with size of more than 2 GB.
  • You have imported the file incorrectly or have to import it again but  the customer or supplier list have not been overwritten

How to Fix this Issue

Each of the issues that you may face while importing your lists to QuickBooks online has been respectively addressed below.

  • It is recommended that items already in the company should not be imported to QuickBooks online.
  • First make sure that all the accounts and lists are still there. The Chart of Accounts should be imported before the Products and Services list. If the number of missing accounts is less, you can manually create them after you have imported the lists.
  • Import the sub-customers and after the import, change them to sub-customers.
  • Provide different names each in the fields for a supplier, customer, and employee.
  • A list with more than 400 rows should be split into multiple lists and then imported one-by-one.


We at hope that after going through this blog, you are not just able to import your suppliers, customers, and products to QuickBooks online, but also do it without facing any glitches on the way. We have also got you covered if you face any errors by providing you with resolutions to troubleshoot them on your own. Still, if you face any issues, you can get in touch with our experts or leave us a message on our website.


Q1. How can I format my Spreadsheet so That the Data is Imported Correctly?

Ans. To format a spreadsheet consisting of products and services, you have to sign in to QuickBooks Online.  Click on Settings, choose Import Data, Click on Download the Sample file and open it.

Q2. Can I Import my Data to Multiple Email Address?

Ans. The import of lists Helpdesks only one email address at one time. But you can later add other email ids on QuickBooks online as well.

Q3. Can I Import Data to QuickBooks Online from Email Clients?

Ans. Yes, you can import data to QuickBooks online using popular email service providers like Outlook and Gmail.