Printing 2021 1099 Misc & NEC Forms in Sage 50

Printing 2021 1099 Misc & NEC Forms in Sage 50

Form 1099-MISC named as miscellaneous income is information returns that an organization uses for reporting payments. The Form-NEC is the nonemployee compensation used for form business owners including commissions, awards, prizes, fees, and other services. The below write-up discusses the procedure to print 2021 1099 Misc & NEC Forms in Sage 50.

The concern of many Sage users is “How do I access 1099-NEC form files for use with Sage Checks & Forms”. Don’t worry! The below write-up explains the entire process so that you can make easy access to 1099-NEC forms files. Before you jump to the procedure, let’s know what exactly 1099-NEC form files are in detail.

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What are 1099-NEC Form files?

For tax year 2020, the IRS made a change in how to register non-employee compensation. The 1099-MISC form has been separated and redesigned. Form 1099-NEC is an outdated form, as it hasn’t been in use since 1982. This form records compensation paid to nonemployees and is one of the many forms used by companies.

For companies Who provide nonemployee compensation, they are required to file Form 1099-NEC if all four of the following criteria are met:

  • This e-mail is addressed to an individual who is not one of your employees.
  • It’s designed to be used for services that are provided in the course of your trade or business.
  • You can send it to a single person, a partnership, an estate, or a company.
  • The payee received at least $600 in payments during the course of the year.

How to Print Misc & NEC Forms in Sage 50?

  • Before 1099 forms printing, you need to install the Sage 50 updates to make sure that you have Sage 50 forms in agreement with government regulations. Follow the below step to do this:
  • Verify the updates to view if their available updates to download. Therefore download and install the update.
  • Put blank preprinted 1099 forms into the printer
  • Sage 50 only prints the 1099 interest and miscellaneous forms.
  • Locate the menu named Reports & forms
  • Choose Forms button
  • Hit on Tax forms
  • It will display the Form window
  • Now choose either the 1099-MISC form or 1099-INT
  • Give a click on the option named preview and print which appears below the sample image on Form Window
  • Check you enter the correct payroll year
  • If you need to set lower limits manually that are created by the federal government then select Adjust limits option
  • It will display 1099 Lower Limits window
  • Now set the desired limits
  • In the filter vendors through section choose a vendor ID range
  • Locate the payment method filter, choose the payments type to add when 1099s calculations
  • Once finished with the filter window settings, click on Print/E-mail
  • Open the print dialog, the system prompts the default printer
  • If you need printing a different printer then use the arrow named drop-down in the name field to choose a new one.
  • Now give a click on OK to start printing the forms


This is all about the 1099-NEC form files and how to access them for use with Sage Checks & Forms. With this accessibility, you can file a 1099-NEC form to record any compensation paid to nonemployees by a company. Additionally, if the total income is less than $600, you must file Form 1099-NEC for those from whom you withheld federal income tax under backup withholding rules.

Hopefully! The information helped you in printing 2021 1099 Misc & NEC Forms in Sage 50. If you have any doubts about the same or need further assistance, connect with our team of Sage consultants.


How would I print 1099 Federal tax forms in Sage 50?

  • Ensure that you run the 1099 Vendor Report
  • Now check the information before printing 1099 forms
  • Locate the Reports and Form button
  • Hit on Forms and then click Tax forms
  • It will display select a report window
  • Now double-click on the 1099-INT Preprinted form or a 1099-MISC Preprinted form
  • Check you enter the correct year and then give a click on OK
  • Once the preprinted 1099 form loads then hit the Print button

This error happens because you failed to set up the vendors as 1099-type vendors.

Yes, you can print 1099 multiple copies

  • First of all, save the.FRM files linked to the system
  • Find the Sage 50 data path
  • Discover the folder named forms in the data path
  • Now copy the downloaded files and then paste them in the forms folder
  • Open Sage 50 with Company file
  • The forms will now display in the Tax forms button of the Sage 50 Forms
  • Search the below forms
    • Form 1096 2020 Preprinted
    • Form 1099-MISC 2020 Preprinted
    • Know what to expect with a Form 1099-NEC 2020 Preprinted.