Key Features and Uses of QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks incorporates some of the key components of Microsoft. If one or more components stop working efficiently then errors are reflected in the operating system. It also might end up affecting the QuickBooks software’s smooth working or start interrupting your work as well.  It reflects on the whole process of installing QuickBooks, a diagnostic tool that helps you to solve such kinds of errors that occur during installation. Go through this post in order to know more about QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.

Insights into QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

It is designed in such a way that it automatically identifies and rectifies the multiple bugs that might be found during the installation process. It is a highly recommendable tool before you try to resolve it manually.

When users are installing QuickBooks on their Desktop But, they get interrupted due to some unwanted mistakes. QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool is designed to identify certain errors that occur during installation. This efficient tool allows you to repair all installation errors. This may also amend problems relevant to the. NET, C++, and MSXML framework.

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool can Correct Errors

This Tool helps you to lower down the time to fix your issue. Whenever you receive an error, then it is recommended you must initially run QuickBooks Install Tools before attempting any manual process to fix an error. Here are some of the errors listed down that can be fixed using this Tool at ease:

QuickBooks Error Code 1603QuickBooks Error Code 1402
.NET Framework errorsQuickBooks has stopped working error
MSXML damageQuickBooks unrecoverable error
QuickBooks Error Code 1904QuickBooks Error Code 1935
C++ related errorsQuickBooks is not working error
QuickBooks Error Code 1712QuickBooks Error Code 2203
QuickBooks Error Code 1317QuickBooks Error Code 2108

Key Points to Remember

There are few things that you need to keep in mind while using QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.

  • Always remember that you need to close all the programs that are running in the background. Once you download this Tool, just click on the downloaded file to run the Tools.
  • This Tool automatically identifies and resolves an error. However, in many cases reboot is required in order to fix some error.
  • When the tool displays a message i.e. “No errors have been found” so it means the problem is not yet solved.

Perform the Steps to Download as well as Install the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

  1. Initially, users need to download QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool
  2. Then users receive a trigger to save QBInstall Tool file to the desktop
  3. Now close all the running program before users go to the next step
  4. Next search for QB Install Tool .exe file by doubling on the same
  5. Run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool 
  6. After that, a license window appears on the screen
  7. Now, users have to click on Yes option 
  8. Run the Scan by tapping on the Proceed button
  9. Once the scanning completed then reboot the system
  10. In order to activate the software, users may need to re-register QuickBooks 
  11. Also, update the Windows operating system
  12. At last, verify all the changes and the entire process and restart the system.

Here are Some Points That Need to Analyze and Must Verify:

  • Check and diagnose the Connection Tab: This helps you to set up company data files that you can access by the computer.
  • Check the firewall status: This provides you the relevant information and accordingly, you can take appropriate action
  • Test your connectivity: It assists you to analyze the entire workstation connectivity so that the Tools work smoothly.
  • Re-install in a selective start-up mode: Sometimes, infected anti-virus and anti-spyware programs can land with some programs during QuickBooks installation. That’s why it is important to install in a selective mode. 

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Steps to fix QuickBooks Desktop Installation Errors using “QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool”

Below-mentioned is the solutions in order to resolve any installation error.

Solution 1: Download QuickBooks Diagnostic Software and run it

  • The very first step is to download the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool from Intuit official website
  • Then save that file on your Windows Desktop
  • Once done with that, close all the background running program
  • Now, run the Tool
  • The last step is to reboot your system to check that the components of QuickBooks have been updated correctly.

Solution 2: Download the most Recent Windows Updates

  • Press Windows key from your keyboard
  • Then type Windows update in the appear search bar
  • Now perform all the steps that appear on your screen
  • At last, reboot the system.

Solution 3: Reinstall QuickBooks to Selective Start mode

  • Initially, open Run by pressing Ctrl+R key altogether from your keyboard
  • Next, type MSConfig in the open window and then hit Ok button
  • Now open General tab and choose selective startup
  • Then load all system-related services as well as startup items
  • Click on Services tab then choose to hide all MS 
  • And then click on “Disable all” option
  • Make sure that you have click on the list of services
  • Verify the checkbox. In case if it is not selected then select the heading
  • After that click on OK button
  • Restart your system after restarting system configuration
  • At last, reinstall by following the procedure of clean installation. 

Solution 4: Switch to Standard Start-up mode

When you complete the installation procedure then you need to perform the given steps in order to restore it in normal settings.

  • Press Ctrl + R keys altogether to open Run windows
  • Once again type MSConfig and then hit Ok
  • Open General tab and select the option named “Normal Startup” then Click On Ok tab
  • In the end, click on Restart and once again restart your system.

Solution 5: Fix Windows Components Manually

If you fail to resolve the installation issue then in that case you need to repair windows components manually. You need to repair and reinstall the Microsoft MSXML and Microsoft .Net framework. It is suggested that you perform this process under expert assistance.


Hopefully, this guide helps you to get a better understanding of the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool. It includes various solutions in order to fix any installation error using this tool and it is very valuable and easy to use the software. With the help of this guide, you can also get an idea of how you need to install and download the Install Diagnostic Tool on your system with ease.

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