Sage 50 File System Error 3110: Get Help to Troubleshoot

Sage 50 File System Error 3110

As you know, Sage is one of the most demanding accounting software because of its amazing in-built feature. But every approach comes with both pros as well as cons. The Sage error indicates many problems caused as a result of a major loss of your business data or company files. XDWRead this blog to crack all queries related to the Sage 50 file System error 3110. Here, you find causes and resolutions to get rid of this error as quickly as possible. To pick the appropriate resolution, go through the entire blog. 

Causes – Reasons Behind the Sage 50 File System Errors 3110

There are several reasons due to which this error occurs while operating the Sage 50 files. The two main reasons are listed below:

  • While running the Sage 50 when the user lost the connectivity between the server and the workstation may lead to this error 
  • Server time-out is the major reason behind his error 

How to Resolve the Sage 50 File System Error 3110? 

Here, you find multiple methods to fix this problem. Before moving to fix these issues, must be ensured about the causes. If you know the reason behind the error, it will make it easy to choose a suitable solution. Here, we go

Method 1: Restart the Sage 50 and then try to run the program again with the following steps:

  • Firstly, you need to restart the workstation and update all new configurations if available.
  • Once the program is completed then open the Sage file to check whether the issue is resolved or not 
  • If still, it appears on your screen, then you need to restart your server also
  • If you still can’t figure it out then  Sage files were being able to access the time of the lost connection or the damaged data 
  • Then you have to find the damaged data and then fix it with displayed troubleshooting steps

Method 2: If you Detect the Issue in the Pervasive database engines then you have to restart the Pervasive/Actian 

The below steps is applicable for the Workstation version 14.1 and the lower. 

  • Go to the affected workstation and close all Sage construction programs and Sage estimating 
  • Hit the right-click on the Pervasive icon and then select the “Stop Engines and Exit”
  • Once Sage constructions and the Sage estimating is ready to next launched, the icon should be automatically fixed as you restart the pervasive engine by the Sage Product
  • In case, if you utilize the Pervasive version on the workstation. Sage estimation might be installing the server pervasive components under various plans.

For edition 15.1 and higher 

  • Hit the click on the Start button 
  • Then write the services.MSC in the search section and then hit the Enter key 
  • Find the Pervasive/Action service, then choose the service and hit the right-click on it
  • All options will appear on your screen, choose the Restart
  • In case, if service stops functioning   then selects the “Start to start the services” option 
  • Check and verify the start-up type is automatic and the issue will resolved

Method 3: To Resolve the file System Errors in Sage 50, you have to locate and fix all damages

  • If errors appear in the file data path then the user has to try to rename the file and run the troubleshooting steps on Sage at the server 
  • The user has to ensure the files can be reindexed to find the directory of your data. If you still unable to delete or reindexed the file referenced then make sure you create a strong backup file 
  • To fix the Sage50 file errors, you have to set the IPv4 address over the IPv6
  • Modify or change the windows power plan or switch or prefer a high-performance power plan 


The above information concludes all convenient methods to resolve the Sage 50 File system Error 3110. The aim of this blog is to help you to resolve the Sage 50 errors in a minimum time. So, you can track your business accountancy functions without any interruption and find better results to raise the business economy.


What Sage 50 File system error 3110 defines?

The Sage 50 files system error 3110   usually appears due to the loss of network connectivity. To avoid these kinds of errors, always ensure network connectivity.

Where I can find the stored Sage data files?

Open the Sage Peachtree folder and then choose the Program files or program data. All stored Sage Data files will appear on your screen.