Sage 50 Overview of Changes From 2012-2021

Sage 50 Overview of Changes From 2012-2021

Sage 50 Accounting enables you to effectively arrange your business. Sage 50 has seen several modifications in recent years, and it is necessary for the software to be up to date. With our latest features, accounting software is better than ever. Sage 50 is a comprehensive accounting and company management tool with continuous Helpdesk and service you can rely on. In this article, you will get to know different changes and updates that took place in the software.

What is Sage 50 Accounting in 2013?

Below are the points which will tell you about Sage 50 accounting in 2013.

  • The first feature is a foldable panel that is connected to the front of the user, vendor, employee, inventory, and other data that has to be configured.
  • When one of these panels’ fields is selected, the panel displays explanation, descriptions, and links. Every user has the ability to switch it on or off.
  • Change Request Processing- Eliminate the manual variation orders tracking and put all of your data in one place with change order processing.
  • Notifications include whenever a change order is accepted, once it is implemented to the transaction, any changes to the predicted end date, and the retention of any notes related to the schedule.
  • Eleven new My Dashboard modules, including Basic Journal Entries, Inventory Adjustment, Payroll, Assembly, Purchase Accepted, Top Suppliers, and Item Purchase History by Vendor, enable more individuals in the organization to perform better and quicker.
  • Increased payroll sectors fields both on employee and employer firm payroll records enable for the recording of new benefits, deductions, and obligations, as well as assisting your organization in meeting statutory requirements such as the Care Act of 2010.
  • Improvements to the Management: Center User-friendly additions to My Dashboard and Control Center include automated totaling of rows on transaction lists, adjusting the number of lines shown, and making it simpler to discover things in a list when filtering.
  • Sage 50 Information Reporting: Sage 50 Information Reporting is a reporting and analysis system that is integrated. It allows more robust, personalized reporting and simpler access for your data by utilizing the familiar Excel interface.
  • Copy transactions: Create a new transaction quickly based on a previously stored one, conveniently changing changes rather than painstakingly rebuilding every line item. Quotes, Sales Orders, Presentations, Sales Invoicing, Sales orders, Purchase Invoices, and Basic Journal Entries are all Helpdesked.
  • Improved assembly reporting: Handle assemblies in novel ways with customized components on the Inventories and Service Management Center that offer complete information for a single assembly piece.
  • Modules are still subject to current security controls and will automatically adhere to the security tab you have in place.
  • Workflow automation: Create preset assignments for almost all of your transactional statuses to guarantee that work is sent to the correct people at the right time. From the Customer Relationship management Center, you can easily see and create transaction tracking notes.
  • Faster network installation: A new efficient setup option for multi-user editions allows you to execute multiple workstations installs at the same time while significantly decreasing the number of steps necessary.
  • Sage Advisor: Sage Advisor assists you in learning further about your Sage product and discovering new methods to streamline your operations by providing customized dashboards, engaging “teach me how” videos, on-screen assistance, and other business tools.
  • Vendor Management Center: Get a better view of all the data you need for a given vendor on a single configurable dashboard.
  • Security check: Use the advance indication and monitor tool to help spot possible application issues and obtain advice on how to handle them, therefore enhancing peace of mind and minimizing probable outage or lost productivity.

What all Things are There in Sage 50 Accounting 2013?

  • Account reconciliations are easier with convenient bank reconciliation. Work more efficiently, avoid after-hours and weekends reconciliations, help prevent prior-period posting errors, and save time by delegating work to others while you reconcile in another accounting period.
  • Enhancements to Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting: The Inventory And Analysis Report provides real-time inventory data that can be used to better forecast consumption and manage the supply chain.
  • The Dashboard displays a graphical overview of Key Performance Measures, and the Report Designer allows you to design your own custom layouts with simple drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Designed for mobile Mobile Payments transforms your smartphone, tablet, or cell phone into a convenient and secure credit card terminal.
  • You can accept credit card payments nearly anywhere and collect your money faster with real-time permission, emailed receipts, void, and online reporting.
  • Check printing without waste: By excluding zero-amount checks when able to print vendor and payroll checks, you can save money.
  • It requires more remittance space on the stub, Sage 50 prints the extra information on plain paper at the end of a regular print run. There will be no more voided checks or squandered funds!
  • Inhibit the growth of multiple vendor records at once: Identify and disable old or underutilized vendor records quickly. Setting Multiple Records as Inactive speeds up data entry improves lookup performance, and simplifies database cleanup and year-end tasks.

What all Things Are There in Sage 50 Accounting 2014?

  • Improvements to Accounts Receivable: It is quicker and simpler to mark outstanding customer receipts as paid. This feature decreases the amount of time required to receive payment for unpaid dues and provides you with access to all relevant information.
  • Accounts Payable Simplified: Make payouts and purchases in small iterations and on fewer screens. The “Purchase/Receive Inventory” screen provides time-saving links to reports and analysis, more critical date and time displayed, and more invoice payment options. Extra efficient invoice management enhancements save you time by providing advance warning for customers to credit issues and providing quick access to relevant customer information or reports. When you select a customer, it also displays critical due dates, payment dates, and credit status messages.
  • Quotation Status List: The Quote Status List displays the status of each quote without requiring you to access it. Follow it up on open quotes as they expire, check which comments have been made into sales promptly, and verify that pricing is current and consistent straight from the Quote List.
  • Easy startup with Sage Advisor: Get up and running quickly with the Sage Advisor Launchpad and Sage Advisor Messages. These tools help you understand important features, including dashboards and reports.

What all Things Are There in Sage 50 Accounting 2015?

  • Customizable Lists: With custom date ranges and totals on amount columns, records have had more flexibility and functionality. You can also drill down to details directly from the List.
  • Add Attachments: This popular feature now allows us to add critical data and folders to more records, including purchase orders, quotes, and sales orders. Works with any file type and size for a complete history of every payment right from within your software.
  • Personalized email text: A new tab on the Customer Defaults screen allows you to create custom messages once sending sales invoices and quotes. On the Consumer page, choose the transaction you want to work on. Then click in the “Send” box.
  • Simple order-to-invoice conversion: Save yourself time and money with our quick invoices. You can now generate an invoice directly from a sales order. It’s a lot quicker, and you won’t forget anything.
  • Obtain inventory from a purchase order: Process incoming inventory more quickly and accurately. The purchase order can be used to receive inventory directly. With each transaction, you will save time.
  • Improved Maintenance Records: From the Maintenance Vendors screen, you can quickly place an order and document a buying or vendor payment. Alternatively, from the Maintain Customers screen, create a new task. Now You can quickly create new customers, distributors, and stock items by copying and information to determine from a similar record.

What is Sage 50 Accounting 2015 Service Release 3?

  • Enhancements to Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting: Intelligence Report is more powerful than ever, thanks to usability and performance improvements such as simpler access to frequently used capabilities, a streamlined right-click menu, and modern ribbon and background displays.
  • Streamlined payment processing: It’s now easier than ever to provide your consumers with more payment options, whether at the office, at your store, or on the go. Our simplified application procedure makes it simple to integrate Sage 50 and Sage Payment Systems. You’ll save time, enhance revenue, and improve credit card security.
  • Customizable Lists: Custom deadline ranges that you select and total give lists more flexibility and functionality. You can also drill down to details directly from the List.
  • Expanded Add Attachments: With this popular feature, you can attach crucial data and folders to more records, including purchase orders, quotes, and sales invoices. It works with any file type and size to keep a full record of all transactions right from within your software.
  • Personalized email text: There’s a new tab just on the Customer Default rates screen that lets you create custom messages to send with sales invoices and quotes. Choose any customer, any transaction, and then click Send.
  • Order-to-invoice conversion is simple: Collaborate with your partner to reduce invoicing lead time and increase your payment rate. You can now generate an invoice straight from a sales order. It’s a lot quicker, and you won’t forget anything.
  • Obtain stock from the purchase requisition: Process more rapidly and correctly. With each transaction, you will save time.

What is Sage 50 Accounting 2016?

This update is only compatible with Windows 10:

  • The translation of Sales Invoices and Customer Orders to Invoices is now simple: In version 2015.3, a button was introduced to the customer orders windows to convert an ordering to a sales invoice, and an analogous button was added to the purchase requisition window to change a PO to a payables invoice. A fault in this functionality has been corrected, so that changes to the order’s packet headers, like the ship-to address, are now appropriately transferred to the invoice.
  • Generate credit card refunds inside Sage 50: If you are using Sage Payment Services to process credit cards directly in Sage 50’s Receive Money window, you’ll be relieved to know that you can now process a refund in the same manner. Simply open the receipt that was used to pay the payment and click the “Issue Refund” link. A new receipt will be generated, with the status “Approved – Refund Receipt.” The status of the original receipt will then be “Approved – Refund Issued.”
  • Sage iPhone App: On an iPhone, you may view client information, item past purchases, and the relationship between the amount for products. You must have an active Business Care plan to use the app; otherwise, there is no price. Of course, if you wish to input quotations and orders from an iPad, you may update to Sage Mobile Sales (membership required).
  • Convenient Payroll and Credit Card Processing Signup: In-program sign-ups for Credit Card Transactions and payroll, particularly Sage Full Service Payroll, have been introduced to make it easier to join up.

What is Sage 50 Accounting 2016 Service Release 1?

  • Resources navigating center- The Services navigation center allows the researcher to explore different add-on services with a single click:
  • Sage 50 is Windows 10: compatible and certified.Grants access to all features of Sage 50—U.S. Edition Version 2016.1, which is compliant with and certifed for Windows 10.
  • Paying Center dashboard: The Payment Center dashboard is the one-stop shop for applying for a Sage Payment Systems merchant account so that you may safely handle debit cards within the programme.

What is Sage 50 Accounting 2017?

  • Install and update the software through one single installer, while also getting a lifetime license.
  • The Sage 50c Drive now includes a delay feature: (For Subscription Users Only) The Suspend/Resume functionality enables a consumer to pause online activity, work offline, and continue working longer without automated data sync. Please keep in mind that sharing still restricts access to a specific user.
  • Sage Payment Solutions accepts ACH payments: Users that process credit cards with a Sage Payment Systems merchant account may now securely store their customers’ ACH data in their customer records and handle customer ACH transactions through the Get Money windows in the same manner that they handle credit card transactions.

What is Sage 50 Accounting 2017 Service Release 1?

The new blank features include:

  • Bank balances are displayed on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • We provide information on how to spend your money.
  • Spending comparisons from the current period to the preceding period
  • Bank transaction information.

What are the Features of Sage 50 Accounting 2017?

Below are the features of Sage 50 Accounting 2017 are as follows:

  • Invoicing and payment through mobile and online
  • Integration with Microsoft Office 365
  • To use the Microsoft Office 365 connection, you may do automatic cloud backups.
  • Entry to a Sage Drive firm on a read-only basis

What are the Release Features of 2018 in Sage 50 Accounting?

  • Sage Capture with Office 365: Use any mobile or tablet device to record a receipt or record a transaction and send it to Sage 50c. You can save all your receipts, documents, and images in OneDrive so you never need to worry about missing important information again.
  • Sage Intelligence Reporting in conjunction with Office 365: SI Reporting transforms Sage 50c data into A computer. From creating sophisticated reports to personalizing – all with a simple drag-and-drop interface. SI Reporting delivers more in-depth business insights and knowledge into your organization. Financial reports may also be published to the internet and accessed from any device. Excel and HTML versions are available.
  • Beanworks AP Automation: Beanworks provides a cloud-based payables automation system that assists businesses in streamlining their invoice-to-payment process. Automatic invoice routing with online inspection and approval, payment of bills through digital credit card, EFT/ACH, wire, or automatic check. This collaboration and feature enhancement will be accessible to Sage 50, 100, and 300 clients. Customers that have 25 or more Sage 50 Quantum users will get significant results. They will experience greater productivity from the automation.

Sage 50 C Exclusive Features:

  1. Sage 50c includes Microsoft Office 365, Sage Drive, and Sage One Mobile Invoice. You will be able to do the following using this feature:
    • Sage 50 c’s linked features should be highlighted more extensively.
    • Gain quick access to frequently used Sage 50c features by using navigation aids. See the Existing Services panel, which displays other products such as Purchases and Online Payroll.
  2. Bank feeds that are automated: The latest version of Sage 50c lets us input bank account or credit card information easily and quickly. Save time by eliminating manual data input, preventing data entry mistakes, and shortening the time needed reconciling accounts.

What are the New Features in 2019 Sage Accounting?

The Sage 50 Pc and Sage 50 Cloud will receive hot updates from behind the scenes. Other upgrades available only to Sage 50 Cloud users include:

  • Sage Drive Multi-User Capability: Sage Drive Multi-User, as you may recall, allows you and your team to view and create fresh and innovative operations in Sage Drive corporate data files. Users may work inside and access a sharing Sage Drives company at the same time, regardless of whether they are connected to a LAN or working remotely.
  • Progress Dialog in Sage Drive: As other users make and receive changes, a Sage Drive Progress window with the state of Download/Upload information progress will show. As many new users made changes, notifications may have risen. We are pleased to inform you that, as a result of the implementation of Payload Compression in 2019, these messages no longer appear in fast succession and payloads are delivered more efficiently. 1.
  • Multiple Company Names Appear on the Windows Taskbar: Making it easier for users to change it back and forth from various companies without having to physically evaluate the title bar of each company window to locate the company with which they wish to interact.
  • Microsoft Pay Invoice Payments: With Windows Pay and Invoice Payments, you may add payments to Outlook. With Microsoft Pay, you can include payment experiences straight in business emails to millions of Office customers.

What are the Features of Sage 50 Accounting in 2020?

  • Address fields for Customers, Vendors, and Employees are now more roomy to accommodate longer addresses.
  • The Deposit Ticket ID box can now accommodate up to 20 characters.
  • The Inventory Item Type field has been enlarged to allow more characters
  • With several states enacting Paid Family Leave legislation and numerous interesting employee withholding taxes for specific sorts of organizations, the fields “Special 3, 4, and 5” were added to the Withholding Info page in the Maintain Employees & Sales Reps module.
  • When sending a Customer form, you may now select a different contact than the primary/bill-to contact by default. Sales Orders, Quotes, Proposals, Sales Invoices, Credit Memos, Change Orders, and Receipts are among the forms provided.
  • The Notes feature was introduced to the Manage Vendors section, mirroring the structure of the Maintain Customers area, in which the Notes field has been present for many versions.
  • IPM Inbox Indicator: To show how many active messages have not been read or discarded, a new “bell” alert was added to the Top Navigation on the Dashboard for emails that users have not dismissed in the carousel. When you click on the “bell” symbol, the Sage Message Center will appear, displaying active messages with a read or unopened status.

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What are the Improvements for Sage 50 Accounting in 2021?

  • Security requirements with Gmail- With new Google’s security criteria modification in Gmail integration is possible. Sage maintains stringent security and compliance standards for our clients that use Gmail as their email client.
  • Sage Lane is now available. Connect to your company’s data from anywhere with the Remote Data Connectivity name. The new name removes confusion around its capabilities so you can focus on your business. You can stay productive at home or on the move with Remote Data Access. Avoid data loss by using hazardous transfer services or saving your data on a USB flash drive.
  • Sage ID is a single login that allows you to access all of your linked services. The process of connecting your bank, accessing data remotely, sharing corporate data, and adding consumer payment choices. It is a one-of-a-kind login that enables you to create secure the relevant services that come to our Sage 50 cloud subscription.
  • With your Sage ID, you have safe authentication to linked services without having to input emails and passwords for each connected service, such as Online Data Access, Bank Feeds, or Invoice Payments.
  • Purchase Invoice Memorization- You may now construct a memorized trade for Purchase Invoices/Bills. Memorized transactions, which now include Purchase Invoices, save time and eliminate repeated data input activities. Enter and store frequent transactions to use again and again.
  • Extra information is provided through new mouse click text for fields: In the transaction windows, hovering your cursor or tapping a field will display the entire Item or Job ID. You may use this handy feature to hover over Product or Job ID fields seeing the details in a popup rather than actually opening each transaction to see the details.
  • Ship To Name for Customer Lists: For Vendor Invoices, Sales Orders, Quotes, Item Sales Data by Customer, and Proposals, the customer name now displays on the customer management tab. The customer name field offers convenience and allows you to easily filter or group invoices, orders, quotations, or proposals by a customer’s name.

What Were the Improvements in Sage 50 US Edition 2021?

  • Sage Safety Shield– is a complete company monitoring product that protects clients from business ID theft and cybercrime. This new function helps small and medium-sized companies secure their company identification and monitor their credit. If anything goes wrong, it also restores services.
  • Pay Type Expansion- With this version, you may now create an infinite number of Pay Types for salaried and hourly employees. We issued guidelines to use an extra three Pay Type fields to facilitate. Get employers to include information about how much employees earn in quarterly Form 941 reports. Workers can have 20 Pay Types each pay period or paycheck. Despite the fact that you may create an infinite number of Pay Types.

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Ideally, you’ll find the prior post on Sage 50 summary of developments from 2012 to 2021 useful! If you have any questions or have any problems while following the instructions, please contact the helpdesk. The staff is available to assist you in resolving issues. The staff will respond as quickly as possible.


What is Sage Contact app for Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium In Sage 50?

The Office 365 connection process will sync your Sage 50 companies and Office 365’s customer and vendor contact details (requires 365 Business Premium). In addition to basic contact information, the Sage Contact app allows you to view the past 5 invoices and receipts/payments made within the last 90 days. Changes to contact information in the Sage Contacts app will be reflected in your Sage 50c data. The sync may be scheduled to occur every 4, 12, or 24 hours, or it can be started manually.

If you are using Sage Payment Services to process loan cards or simulated checks (ACH payments), you could indeed now include a link in your invoice email that allows your customer to pay online. This same link will take people to a secure website page in which they can enter their credit/debit card information or bank account information. You may then download their payment as a cash receipt (Receive Money) transaction into Sage 50, and it will be applied to the invoice exactly as if you had entered it yourself.

This is another feature that was introduced in 2017.1 but has since been upgraded. You no longer need to run Sage 50 as administrator again for Office 365 Cloud Backup to function, and enhancements were made behind the scenes to aid with large-company backup. Finally, the email notification interface has been changed.