Sage 50 WebSync Services

Sage 50 WebSync Services

Change in technology has made a huge impact on the pace of how things used to be. Because technology is multifaceted and all companies whether small-scale or medium-scale can take equal advantage of Sage 50 software. As it is made to do your work for you, an online accounting and payroll product that has many advanced features. You can manage and analyze your data through this software and even to calculations pertaining to the company records.

To become familiar with the use of the software and how to enable and disable Sage 50 WebSync Services we will see what WebSync is. WebSync, if you have a look at the term you can draw from it that the word implies synchronization of the web resources. Although, here the word sync is strictly used in regard to Sage 50. The resources under the Sage 50 window are the data stored and uploaded online to maintain a company’s records and details.

Uses of WebSync Services

What are the functions of the WebSync Services:-

If you have this useful software on your PC you can use it to sync your companies information with the web and personalize the data of your company. Ways to use WebSync Wizard to effectively:

  • You can upload vital information on any specific Sage 50 web resources online. After that, you can avail yourself of services like Sage Payment Solutions, Direct Deposit Services, or Manage Payroll, etc.
  • You can even download previously-stored or updated on the specific Sage 50 Web Resource.
  • You can also process information through WebSync Services to retrieve information from your company database on your computer screen with the help of this software function.
  • WebSync also helps to preview the data before extraction to avoid any room for error like wrong data being extracted on your desktops.
  • Moreover, the previous information that was downloaded can be selected and you can discard data and information.

Enabling the WebSync Wizard

Step 1 – Launch your server to open the Sage 50.

Step 2 – Go to the “Services” menu and tap the “WebSync” option.

Step 3 – A new window will appear and it will guide you with some introductory information. Once you go through, put on your Sage ID details.

Step 4 – A business window will appear from there, choose a business to synchronize your business details. (Note: you can even select multiple options for your other business if you own more than one).

Step 5 – Choose a service that will be in the Service Window. Like this, you can synchronize a web service online by using WebSync Wizard.

Step 6 – A new window displaying data in the progress of the synchronization going on will pop up. Wait for the synchronization to be complete.

Step 7 – Services and Businesses selected for synchronization will be displayed when you are done with the processing.

Step 8 – On the WebSync window, you will find the “Finish” tab, click on it. (Note: be sure to finish with the synchronization before you tap on the “Finish” button).

Step 9 – Select the “Web Transaction Centre” option to examine and process the information retrieved from the Web resource. Find the Web Transaction Centre button from the WebSync window.

Disabling the WebSync Wizard

Step 1 – The first step is to launch your server, then open Sage 50

Step 2 –In the “Services” option you will find“WebSync Wizard”, select it.

Step 3 – On the top-right corner a new window will appear to select “Do not run WebSync Automatically”.

Step 4 – Now the WebSync Wizard is disabled to work on its own. There is an option to enable and run services automatically just simply restart to do this.


Which web services can be synchronized with Sage 50 WebSync Wizard?

You have to select the service that you want to synchronize with the Sage 50. To select the services, you have to tick mark the checkbox in front of services that you want to sync with your Sage 50 account. After selecting, click on the Next button to start the sync process.

Does Sage 50 WebSync services data can be reversed after canceling the process?

In case you want to cancel the sync process that you started using Sage 50 WebSync services; then it won’t be possible. When you cancel the process then it stops synchronizing selected services. but it won’t reverse the services or data that is already synchronized.

In what situation do you have to sync all the journals before using Sage 50 WebSync services?

If your Sage 50 company is using the Batch posting method then you have to post all the journals. Before synchronizing the data, the transactions that are unposted are unable to sync with the web resources.