Sage Remote Data Access Issue

Sage Remote Data Access Issue

In Sage 50 Cloud Accounts the remote data access is used to share the data across the web. It allows freedom to use the company file anywhere with an internet-enabled device. An authorized user can access the Sage 50 remotely, however it has some restrictions. The below article will discuss the information regarding troubleshooting of the Sage remote data access issue.

What are the Significant Causes of the Remote Data Access Error in Sage 50?

  • No internet connection
  • Incompatible software version
  • Wrong Configured Firewall settings
  • Incorrect Date and time

How to Resolve Sage Remote Data Access Issue?

Method 1-Stop Sage processes:

  • Open your system
  • Launch Task Manager by pressing the CTRL+ALT+Delete buttons
  • Hit on the Processes option then give a click on the checkbox named Show process from all users
  • Search the below processes:
  • Sage50Restorestandaloneap
  • Sage50Checkdatastandaloneapp
  • Sage50Backupstandaloneapp
  • On each process choose End Process
  • Now re-open the program and verify whether you can sign in as a normal mode
  • Give a click on the Yes button at the bottom of the window

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Method 2- Reset Remote Data Access:

  • Open the Sage50cloud Accounts
  • Now login as Manager
  • Choose Manager and then select the Edit button
  • If you have not linked Sage Account to the company then setup
  • Give a hit on the checkbox named Allow Remote Data Access
  • Select Continue button
  • Write the passphrase to be used during remote users access the data
  • Now confirm it and choose the Save button
  • If a prompt appears then fill the Sage account email with a password
  • Hit login option
  • It will upload data to
  • Remote Data Access
  • Hit Close button

Method 3- Delete the queue.dta file:

  • Open the company selection window
  • Choose the desired company
  • Hit on the three dots
  • Select folder location
  • Locate the ACCDATA folder and double-click on it
  • Search for the QUEUE.DTA file

Method 4- Clear folder named collaborate content:

  • Open the system where data is located
  • Close the Sage 50cloud Accounts
  • Open run window
  • Write Services.msc
  • Enter ok button
  • For each of the below services, give right-click and then choose the Stop button:
  • Sage 50 Accounts Service Vxx
  • Sage 50 Accounts Control Vxx
  • Now hold down the Windows button+E and search for the below location:
  • C:\Windows\Syswow64\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\Sage\SSB\
  • Accounts\Collaborate
  • Choose the content within the collaborating
  • Now hit the Delete button to delete the contents
  • Locate the previously stopped services and then restart it
  • Re-open the system
  • Verify you can log in as a normal mode
  • It will display a prompt to re-enter the Sage ID login
  • Hit the Yes button at the bottom of the page

Method 5- Stop & Restart the Control Service & Data Service:

  • Make sure you have logged out all the users
  • Hit on the Windows button +R to display the Window
  • Write Services.msc
  • Hit OK button
  • For each of the below services of the system version
  • Sage 50 Accounts Control vXX
  • Sage 50 Accounts Control vXX
  • Give a right-click on each service and then hit Stop
  • Now give a right-click on the desired service to restart the services
  • Hit Start button
  • It will fix the issue
  • Now re-open the program
  • Verify whether you can log in as normal mode
  • Hit on Yes button

Hopefully, the above write-up is helpful to fix the Sage Remote Data Access issues. If the error persists then get connected with the Sage professional team to explore advanced troubleshooting fix.


How Would I Check the Version Number in Remote Data Access?

Here are the steps to verify the version:

  • Open your system
  • Select open Demonstration data
  • Hit OK button
  • Logon as Manager
  • Hit Ok
  • Choose Help button
  • Select About and then check the software version number

How to Fix no Internet Connection Issue?

To resolve the connection issue you need to submit all the changes. Hit the Retry button. If the connection fails to restore then you have to start processing data, hit on the Work offline option

What System Requirements do I need to use Remote Data Access?

  • Internet connection with minimum 4 Mbps speed
  • Verify the system having the same Sage 50 Accounts version number

Why do I need Remote Data access on the Remote side?

  • When there are large processes
  • Need direct bank feeds
  • Adding attachments
  • GoCardless
  • Company preferences
  • Microsoft 365 integration setup