Telnet Command in Sage 50

Telnet Command in Sage 50

Sage 50 is an accounting software solution for small business owners. It provides the transparency and accuracy required by businesses. It also has easy data sharing features necessitating much flexibility to its users.

In Sage 50, the Telnet command allows you to connect to a computer with a particular port from your system. If you have not yet been using this command in Sage 50, you are definitely missing out on some new features! It’s the time! We’ve got your back! Just follow along as we break down the steps to use the Telnet command in Sage 50. Learn as you go, and make sure you implement them sequentially as needed.

There’s a Way to Run the Telnet Command in Sage 50 Software

First, search for the IP address of your server or main computer. For this, type ipconfig in the command prompt. Note down the IP address appearing on your screen

  • Hold down the Windows, Right, and R keys on your keyboard
  • In the Run menu, type CMD
  • To proceed ahead click Ok
  • On your screen, the command prompt will be visible
  • Type Telnet 13531

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If a cursor appears on your screen, the connection is okay. You can close the command prompt window in this case. If your computer is configured to use Telnet access, then this service is available. You can determine if Telnet is enabled by attempting to find it by typing “telnet” at the command prompt.

If you get an error or can’t connect via telnet, please contact your Network Administrator

Follow the below steps to use Telnet in Sage 50 with ease. Talk to us, if you still have trouble at any step.


May I Enable Telnet on My Workstation or Server?

You need to follow these steps –

  • You have to click on the Start
  • Next, you need to navigate to Control Panel
  • Further, you have to click on Programs & Features (On some operating systems, when text appears in certain programs it might be seen as “Programs.”
  • You have to click on ‘Turn Windows Features on or off
  • Choose the box for both the Telnet Server and Telnet Client
  • Choose Ok to Proceed
  • Now, you need to see if you can Telnet the port or not
  • I was trying to connect to my host using Telnet and I got the error message ‘Could not open a connection to the host’. What can I do?

    How do I Telnet from the Command Line?