The new Sony PlayStation 5: What to expect

The new Sony PlayStation 5: What to expect

Sony PlayStation 5 details are revealing up gradually, as everyone knows that PS5 is a new generation PlayStation which will be launched in 2020. Sony is the clear winner in the market of PlayStation and home console wars and no one can cross its level.

Although the company has not opened all the pages of PS5 however some hints are given by the company so that you can have a little bit idea of PS5. PlayStation 5 is replacing the PS4 slim and PS4 pro.

Sony will be launching PS5 “in time for holiday 2020” in the USA. They also didn’t confirm the official price of PS5 because the company didn’t decide how much next-gen should cost.

Sony PlayStation 5 Specifications

The new PS 5 will be more powerful and more attractive, some of the new features we know so far,

  • 8k TV assistance
  • 3D audio
  • Backward compatibility with PS4 games and PSVR hardware
  • SSD Storage system
  • Bespoke 8 core AMD chipset

None knows about all the specifications but some of the details of specifications leaks are below.

The AMD touchpoint one-two punch opens the powers of ray tracing and nice graphics. Unlike the previous PlayStations, PS4 and PS 4 Pro new PS will arrive with more clear graphics. The mission of the company is to add processing chips and a new central processing unit and a graphics processing unit from AMD, these all will make a new PS5 with the more great effect of images.

The new PS5 will be faster or you can say it can provide you nonexistent load time. The new PS will have an SSD which will help games to load faster and smooth gaming experience. If we say in direct words the new PS will be more powerful as compared to the traditional PS  drive.

New PS is capable of giving 8k Visuals. In the next step of televisions after 4k, this Play station is capable of giving 8k visuals. Additionally, this PS5 will have a new feature that is Ray Tracing which can deliver incredibly realistic lighting effects. Which is like how much lighting to use or you can say that the new PS5 will consist of the new features of virtual lighting.

The next feature is it works with PlayStation VR. VR is very important for us. The next upcoming PS5 will be compatible with PlayStation VR. In the end but not the end the last thing is the price which is also the main thing for any product. As per the rumors are coming, PlayStation 5 may be more expensive as compare to another console.


The result is the upcoming new PS5 will be compatible with many devices unlike previous play stations and with more clear graphics, more space but with more costly as compared to other PlayStations, everyone would surely love the new face of Sony Playstation 5.