Timeslips Error 9473 in Sage 50

Timeslip Error 9473 in Sage 50

Sage 50 Time-slips offers an accurate and smart method to monitor all the expenses and save time. If you run bills for running a business then Sage Timeslips with expense and time entries is beneficial in time-tracking and enhancing profitability. The below guide will help you in fixing Time-slips window error code 9473 in Sage 50.

What are the Reasons for Timeslips Error 9473?

The time slips issue in Sage 50 happens because of incorrect configuration system company data files which create system files damage. Following are the primary causes of Timeslip error code 9473:

  • Incomplete configuration
  • Accidently deleted essential application
  • Incorrect registry, hardware issues, and RAM decline
  • Wrong fragmented files and antivirus attacks

How to Fix the Sage Timeslips Error 9473?

To resolve the issue initially you require a system reboot and closing all the background applications then restart the computer again.

  • Now you are all set to fix the issue
  • If it doesn’t work then follow the below instructions:
  • Initially install scanning & fix system and give a click on it
  • Open the window, hit on Start scan
  • It will process scan your computer
  • Hit the NEXT button and click on Repair Now button
  • It will fix the issues automatically
  • Now accept all modifications
  • Restart the computer
  • Majority of cases, scanning software easily fix the issues if the error occurs due to registry errors, rebooting error, freezing error and deleting the damaged file.

Solve the Issue Manually :

Follow the below steps:

  • The initial step is to sign in to the system with an admin mode
  • Give a click on the Start option and select all applications & system tool
  • After this choose the System restore button
  • Open the new dialog box
  • Hit Restore my system to an earlier time
  • Choose upgraded system
  • Hit Next button
  • After this restart the computer


Hopefully, the article helped you in fixing the Sage timeslips data repair error. If you face any issue then give a call to the Sage consultant team. The team member is there for you to resolve all the concerns.


Can the wrong activity code create the Timeslip error in Sage 50?

Yes, if the error happens while importing time slip in Sage 50. It is due to the wrong activate code. So check and write the right activity code.

How would I create a time slip file in the .imp extension?

  • Initially make a file in Notepad named as a .imp file
  • Now hit Save
  • Enter in the filename .imp
  • Now modify the Save as type to All Files
  • Search to the location you need to save the files
  • Hit File and then Save as
  • If you using Quantum, Accountants edition, or Premium then make sure you enable single-user mode
  • Check the data should not be stored in the server
  • Create a file backup
  • Now follow the rules and instructions
  • Write the correct commas and quotation
  • Format the file

Can I import multiple time slips in Sage 50?

Yes, you have to follow the correct format for multiple timeslips importing