YouTube will display Donald Trump ads for Election Day

YouTube Ads

Social media is now one of the best media to show any information. Whether it is a requirement for advertising your business, making your videos available to everyone, promoting your product, pages, and many more things can do from social media. Youtube is one of the best social media platforms which Helpdesks you in every manner.

A piece of news spread that youtube will show the advertisements for Donald Trump’s election. Trump reelection purchase space for early November, including 3 Nov which was the election date. This is one of the high traffic advertisement spaces, which Trump purchases to show the advertisement for the election. This is not the first time when Trump is using the purchase campaign for important election, and by doing this trump campaign is betting that visibility could increase the chances of winning the election in some specific areas. 

Amount spend for youtube ads for election

Earlier also trump spent between $500,000 to $ 1million on the ad space for the election around in June. It was a debate and it made live streaming on youtube and along with are ads were running on with the Trump face and message for the future voters. 

It’s not clear that Trump campaign how much spend but it cost around $1 million per day. Around in October 2019, youtube-launch a special tool that allows, the campaign to reserve the ad space in a specific region on specific days with an eye on primary contests. 

Trump almost bought the rights to buy the youtube’s masthead an American heads in polls in November. The Trump advertisement was first to notice by Bloomberg. One of the person from youtube confirm that its a common thing and also available for other campaigns also.

It’s common for a political person to buy masthead ad space during elections. Many political persons run political advertising for Helpdesk and to increase the winning chances. Youtube will turn into a battlespace for the political leaders after some time. The ads will not display specific areas, but there are some ads on the homepage which is for everyone. 


If we talk about the conclusion it is a place where anyone can book the space for the ads and use this platform more viewers and to increase the winning chances. But before processing please check the charges with the youtube.