Apple’s 2020 MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro 2020

According to the latest information Apple is bringing the new 2020 MacBook Pro that is going out in the near future. A filing of an A2289 laptop running macOS Catalina with the EEC is live, which usually happens near the update. It is likely assuming that the release date for the 2020 MacBook Pro will arrive in the next few months.

The late February reports confirm that Apple will use the Intel 10th Gen Ice Lake processors in the manufacturing of new MacBook Pro. A 13-inch MacBook Pro with the new processor would be quite quick and it also includes a stronger GPU. Apple reduces the bezels as compared to previous Mac Pro 16-inch around the laptop that is slightly smaller in 13-inch MacBook Pro. 

The screen dimensions are quite similar but would be slightly smaller for the laptop itself. It would be possible without reducing the keyboard size that is ideal for typing on, any smaller and the keys will be too cramped. Here, you can find out more information related to the new MacBook.

Expected Release Date: MacBooks PRO 2020

A new 13-inch MacBook is likely to assume that it will launch soon or might be within the first half of 2020 as per the reports. However, there is no fixed date still announced but it is expected that it will arrive soon. 


After the launch of the 16-inch MacBook Pro, we can expect that the price will not be much higher or there will be no further adjustments in pricing as per the latest report. 

Some anticipated specs of the 2020 MacBook Pro

A structural redesign is quite unlikely but the processor and possibly storage choices will change on the inside. Just give a glimpse at the features that everyone wants to see inside the current MacBook Pro.

  • Processor

The new 13-inch MacBook Pro will arrive with the 10th generation Intel processor commonly called Ice Lake. Though many laptops already use this processor, 13-inch obtains a newer processor that Apple will update soon.  

  • WiFi 6

The iPhone 11 range also provides 802.11ax WiFi 6. This has not shown up on any Mac laptop or desktop yet. That is something we would like to see but the 13-inch model seems impossible to get it before the 16-inch model.

  • FaceID and Webcam

The new 2020 MacBook Pro provides a 720p camera. The addition of FaceID makes the laptop more advanced and is certainly a much better way to unlock a Smartphone as opposed to TouchID.

  • Battery 

The 13-inch model has a 1.4GHz entry-level 58.2W battery and a 2.4GHz 58W battery. They both provide use for 10 hours. It’s likely that Apple will look away from the 13-inch models to gain more battery life: For example, the MacBook Air provides 12 hours battery life with a 49.9W battery, so it must be feasible.


This new 2020 MacBook Pro is big and important news for those who are eagerly waiting for the next big thing, which is impractical but now no need to wait for more. This is the thing that keeps you waiting. The new Mac Pro offers you something amazing with its enhanced features that you don’t want to live without for the next few years.