Privacy Policy is a digital platform where you get meaningful information to get all knowledge about the latest technologies and new innovations. We provide you many control services to secure the information with us. We give you advanced control pannels to feel you more secure with us. You need to control the information by yourself via agree with our Privacy policy. The aim of this privacy policy is to secure is to make your data more secure with us. Our privacy policy gives you truth worthy entity to ensure our safeguard techniques. 

Our Privacy Policy

This Privacy policy puts users first and helps them to understand all given information about new technologies and innovative ideas. This policy is applied to keep your information more secure and acknowledge you all about meaningful choices as per your requirements. As per user demands, we give you some additional privacy policies for specific services to make your personal data under tight security.

This is how we control your data

We believe in to give you the right to track your necessary information by yourself. So you can easily control the reviews and operates your account as per your according and collect all necessary information, location of the data, new marketing preferences and search history at the Privacy control panel. 

Information you provide to us

To get all the knowledge about your selected choice, you need to create a new account and fill all the required information. While using our services, we recognize you and your all smart devices from where you log-in into our account. itzTechy uses smart device identifiers and cookies and other important information which is collected the message from the third party user or any associated devices which you connected.

Location-specific information

Location-specific information allows us to track and recognize all associated activities across the services and all smart devices where you log-in. These device-specific identifiers locate smart devices networking information, IP address location, cookie information, browser version, operating system version, and software data backup file and many more.

Device information

We collect the data from a large number of sources and verified experiences. You can learn more about your selected choice and track your location by visiting the location setting tool on the location page.

Our use of cookie technology

When you browsing our website to collect the information about all technologies, cookies are placed on the website to enable you with the all advantage of specific search via optimal browsing option. Cookies are information that we store in a terminal where you enable the user’s browser to go back to the original data.

Sharing of information with others

When we receive unwanted information from the third-party user or any unauthorized user such as publicly available sources, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Then we track your information and device location for security purposes. 

Date retention and specification

We give you information security and physical safeguard to give you high-tight security approach which protects your personal information from unauthorized access. Our service gives children a policy that less than 13 is not applicable to visit our website or log in to the account.     

We update our privacy policy time-to-time, you need to go through it periodically and get all updates regarding our changes and new schemes.