Can AMD take Intel in Mobile Processors with its 4000 Series

AMD 4000 Series Mobile Processor

Introduction to AMD Mobile Processors 4000 Series

Consumer Electronics Show 2020 is finished and some new tech gadgets have arrived. AMD has also disclosed the name of a new processor “AMD 4000 Mobile Processor Series” which would be a great revolution in laptop processors. Currently, most of the laptops use Intel processor and it can worry Intel. AMD mobile processors 4000 series would be stable or not it depends on time. Let’s talk some more about AMD mobile processors 4000 series.

Some tech specifications about AMD 4000 Series Mobile Processors

It is the world’s most advanced processor series. This CPU will be available with 15W u suffixed variants for ultra problems. AMD hopes that it would bring a new revolution in the computer field. This would be the 7nm processor to give some huge benefits. Users can get a massive gain in productivity. One of the key features is that this series would give an integrated graphics performance. AMD is saying that is can faster the work up to 28%.

It can’t be said that all the features will be of AMD 4000 series until it is announced, so we have to wait till launching.

AMD says that it is the world’s most fast ultra-thin fast processor. You will get 8 Zen 2 cores, 16 threads, and a clock of 1.8 GHz which can speed up to 4.2GHz. It is designed with 8 Radeon core for graphics and additionally, it has a TDP of 15W.

In 2020 around 100 laptops are coming with this processor.

AMD 4000 Series Architecture

AMD processors are ready in the market to overcome the Intel market. In 2020 the best laptop processers would be revealed. The widest range of products was the 7nm Ryzen mobile 4000 series. With the help of AMD 4000 CPU went through a generational shift 12nm Zen + to 7 nm Zen 2 architecture.

You can also review the 3rd generation Ryzen Mobile 4000 Series CPU

AMD Third-Generation Ryzen Mobile 4000 Series CPU
AMD’s Ryzen Mobile 4000  Series CPUCore/ThreadBase/Boost FrequencyGraphic CoresTDP
Ryzen 7 4800 U8 Core/16 thread4.2/1.8815W
Ryzen 7 4700 U8 Core/8 thread4.1/2.0715W
Ryzen 5 4600 U6 Core/12 thread4.0/2.1615W
Ryzen 5 4500 U6 Core/6 thread4.0/2.3615W
Ryzen 3 4300 U4 Core/4 thread3.7/2.7515W
Ryzen 7 4800 U8 Core/16 thread4.2/2.9745W
Ryzen 5 4600 U6 Core/12 thread4.0/3.0645W


In the end, the conclusion is that the first AMD will test its new and latest processor through some laptops and if it is up to mark then it would become the world’s first best processor. Currently, Intel is acquiring the market of computer, but soon it would be a big challenge for Intel if AMD launches the 4000 series and if it is the fastest processed then everyone would go for it. Let’s wait for the launching of the AMD 4000 Mobile series and watch which processor would rule the computer market.