GeForce Now: Nvidia counter to Google Stadia

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Everyone loves games either he is a kid, a teenager, a boy, a girl, a matured person. Obviously games help to relax your mind and make you fresh. If you have been working for a long time and you get some time to play some game either online or outdoor your mind becomes fresh and you feel relaxed. However, we are living in the 20th Century and it’s also called the digital century. Streaming games platforms are very famous nowadays. You can choose any platform and once streaming platform installed you can play any game on your computer or mobile. Just like Nvidia GeForce Now.

Nvidia GeForce Now

GeForce is a brand that is launched by Nvidia to provide cloud gaming services to whose PC is not having updated hardware. GeForce Now is focusing on PC and MacBooks. Data centers located in America and Europe using the data to run the games on your PC, Mac. Geforce Nividis is designed especially for streaming.  Like all the streaming devices speed is also good and speed totally depends on the internet speed you have.

GeForce now right now is available in the beta version and it is not confirmed when it will be available officially to the public. This is free till now but this will change once it will be publically announced.

Google Stadia

Google stadia is also a cloud gaming service that is designed and run by Google. It is said that it can be streaming videos up to 4K. It is a future of gaming and provides cloud-based service for devices. If you have good bandwidth internet connections you don’t need to install any extra hardware just install the google stadia and start playing games. As per google’s statement, it loads games in 5 or fewer seconds, just buy the game and start playing the game.

Comparison between GeForce Now Nvidia and Google Stadia

Selecting a game streaming platform is very difficult, but as per the needs and many comparisons you can select anyone of Google stadia or GeForce Now. You can also see the comparison chart given below.

Nvidia Geforce NowGoogle Stadia
Free, $5 per month by NVIDIA$10 per month by stadia
Pros: Cheaper than stadia till now, You can access many games which already you have, Compatible with Android and iOS, The free time period is available.Pros: Load time is very less, Can access google assistant, Nice controller.
Cons:  Loading time is amazingly long, Not all games are assistanceCons: Walled gardenLess quantity of games, Only runs on pixel devices, Need wifi
Initial cost: $130 for Premier EditionInitial cost: Free
Monthly cost: $10 per monthMonthly cost:  $5 per month for the founder’s tier
Processing power: 10.7 teraflopsProcessing power:  12 teraflops
Max resolution: 4kMax resolution: 2k


The result of the above description is that everyone needs are different, before going to any result just compare the things very deeply and then go for that one which suits best for you. As days are passing new inventions are doing by both of the companies, so just go ahead with the time, select as per your needs and enjoy gaming anywhere at any time.