Install Sage 50 on a Shared Server

Install Sage 50 on a Shared Server


A shared server is the most viable option if you want multiple websites or computers to use a single server. Apart from reducing your costs, it has many other benefits as well. In the following blog, we provide you with all the benefits you get on installing Sage 50 on a shared server and most importantly, how to install it.

Know About a Shared Server

A hosting layout where you have a single server hosting many computers or websites at the same time is known as a shared server. This also implies that all resources, whether webspace, Bandwidth, the File Transfer Protocol, and the stored data of applications like Sage 50 is also shared by more than one computer simultaneously.

Using Sage 50 on a shared server is a better option as multiple employees of a company can work on the same company files and websites. Apart from that the users can together manage the databases, act on email accounts, and do operations like viewing error logs and performing severe analytics. The provider of the shared server has to manage servers, install the software and security updates and provide assistance to those using the server.

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How is Working on a Shared Server Beneficial for Your Business?

For business owners, clients and employees, shared servers have a lot of benefits to offer. Some of them are mentioned below-

  1. Reliability- Despite a large of websites and systems are sharing identical resources and data, a majority of those managing the shared server provide Assistance to users
  2. Cost-effectiveness– Working on a shared server is cheaper than a dedicated server since multiple websites are using a single server; it is an economically viable option as the cost of maintaining the server is shared by multiple stakeholders.
  3. Simplicity and efficiency– A web based control panel, adequate bandwidth along with less assistance skills required to run makes working on a shared server easier. We transfer updates and repairs to the host providers. You’ll have time to focus on your work more easily.

What is the Procedure to Install Sage 50 on a Shared Server?

  • First of all, the program path at C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\Sage\Peachtree need to be installed on your system.
  • Then you have to download sage 50 2021 installation program.
  • Run the installation program after the download is completed.
  • Follow the instructions that come along with prompts during the installation.
  • When the installation window asks Will this be the only window running the installation? , then you have to press the NO button.
  • Now, when the Company data files storage window appears, you have to choose This computer is the Server and follow it by clicking the Next button.
  • Skip the installation process and select the install options you want.
  • Click the next button to continue.
  • Install the software and then activate Sage 50.


Here we have provided you all the information to enable you to install Sage 50 on a shared network in a manner that is simple and easy to understand. Now you don’t have to use the CD each time you want to install Sage 50 on a computer. We at understand that not all users have the knowledge about networks and servers and may face hurdles during the setup. For assistance over call, chat, or social media, be sure to leave us a message. We are here to provide you with the best service.


What services can be availed if I am using a shared server hosting?

You get various services such as Email and webmail services , installations of autoscript, PHP and MYSQL updates and Helpdesk for web statistics.

Do I have to permit the data in Company files to be upgraded?

What is a multi -user mode in Sage 50?