Is Google Tracking your Location when Location History is Off?

Is Google Tracking your Location when Location History is Off?

Yes, Google can easily track your location just because there are some Google applications. And web activities that are accessible services to find and Google tracking location history data whenever your history is off.

As per the privacy policy of an associated press investigation, Google is still accessible to track your location on all android and iOS devices. In any case, if you want to enable or disable with the location history option, you need to go with the privacy settings of your devices. You can turn ON or OFF your history location but your Google account still allows you to track your location. Google applications save the entire record of your previous as well as current location data. For a specific user’s locations, Google reportedly targets ads as per its maximum search approaches. 

According to AP investigation, if you disable your location history approach, the search giants are still accessible to track and record your location because after turn off the location history you are still connected with your Google account. In any case, if you turn off the web app activity or delete your google account, it will lead to removing your entire history location data from your devices. 

Major factors, you must know about Google tracking location when location history off

  • Track the location history is completely user optional, you can control as per your privacy choice.  You can delete, edit, and turn on/off your tracking mode.
  • Google’s spokesperson application is applicable to locate and track the history location after disabling the product. The web-accessible activity makes sure to find the accurate location with your mobile phones.
  • They provide you advanced tools with a high-tech security approach to control the privacy of history location data.  You can robust your devices to delete or to recover the history.

Major Problems

When it comes to surveying the new technologies where many companies want to experience high-tight security with more accuracy. Whenever all assistance companies come to credit their necessary information, they are may not sure about which authentication they login to access the location. For security purposes, Google runs all applications under third party security authentication. Google states that you need to disable the “Location History” which doesn’t give any authentication to prevent Google from the tracking record from your location history. The Google page is enabling you to manage and delete your history location after once you turn off.

What Google application does?

All Google applications, maps and web activities are in active mode whenever you sign-in from your Google account. After sign-in in your Google account, you are applicable to locate and track the history location.


In the end, we conclude that whether your location history notification is turn on or turn off; you are able to access the history location. This high-tech approach makes you visible if you lost any history location data. All smart and iOS devices come with high-tech privacy applications. So, they can make a trusty path to locate and track the history location where you go. Which source are you used to go there such as by foot or by any convenience wether the location history option is off or on.