The most fascinating features of Android 11

Android 11

Since some last years, mobile technology is developing very fast. Android phones are becoming so popular among everyone that no one can be live without it for a long time. Now it is like the basic needs of everyone. Whatever you can do with your computer or tablet can also do with your mobile. Android technology is moving on so fast to develop itself.  It’s a mobile operating system that is built on a new version of Linux and some other free source software. Especially for mobile technology. Developers just provided some hints about the new features of Android 11. Let’s check out its top features given below.

Top Highlights of Android 11

  • Android 11 is going to be available in market
  • It will bring itself chat bubbles and privacy features.
  • Some new features are coming to OS

Some top preview features are given below which is likely to come with Android 11.

  • Chat Bubbles – Chat bubbles are something that would be Helpdesked by Google for android phone users. Chat bubbles you can see especially on Facebook. For example, chat heads which helps to do multiple chats by enhancing the overall accessibility.
  • New conversation – The new operating system would include a dedicated conversation tab available in the notification panel. With the help of this tab, the user can access the most recent message. This feature would be a way to give an improved way. It will allow a user to send images directly from notifications.
  • Dark Mode Scheduling – This feature is already in the market with android 10. However, with Android 11 it will be more enhanced. Users can set the dark mode theme as per the preference.
  • Privacy and Permission – Google is focusing on privacy since starting. Now with Android 11, it would be more focused as it will be adding one-time permission for better security. By adding this feature Google will send a one-time password for single-use. Once the task is complete it would be taken back.
  • Airplane mode without Bluetooth – This is one of the new features include. A user can access Bluetooth even in airplane mode. This is one of the most demanding features. It allows you to use the service of Bluetooth devices while in flight.
  • Screen recorder function – Earlier to launching this Android 11, 3rd party software is in trend. But after the launch of Android 11, this could be overcome. Anyone can record the screen through its inbuilt feature.


There is no official date release for the android 11. But launching preview gives you a little idea about the type of new version, about its new and exciting features. Yes once it is in the market it attracts more and more people towards it as its latest android version containing many exciting and new features. It would help the user to get rid of 3rd party apps for some specific services. Once it will release only then it can decide how useful it is.