Turn off Netflix AutoPlay Feature

Netflix Autoplay

In today’s time, different media service providers are available in the market. These media services are very useful to everyone as today everyone is busy in his/her fast life and no one has time to see television at home. Netflix is one of the media services which provide you entertainment on way. While moving you can watch TV shows, movies, etc. You need just an internet connection and start enjoying the movies, cartoon series and much more. Netflix is almost having 148 million paid customers worldwide. Now let’s talk about Netflix Autoplay.

When does Autoplay start at Netflix?

Now every second person is having internet and media service provider account. Autoplay is a feature of every media player which promotes some a trailer to the user. When you start Netflix automatically some media starts playing automatically which is called Autoplay. If generally starts when you are on the homepage or about to browse the home screen.

Reasons to Turn off the Autoplay

Every person has different priorities and some of them don’t want auto play they just search the specific program and start playing that. Some reasons are mentioned below which informs you why you need to turn off the Autoplay feature.

  • It consumes more data automatically, sometimes you don’t have sufficient data but when you open the Netflix it starts consuming your data.
  • Once autoplay is off you’ll be able to carry on with your indecisive scrolling through Netflix’s many rows of entertainment options.
  • Videos previews are frustrations source for some users.

Steps to Turn off the autoplay in Netflix

After a long time, Netflix informed that customers are offered to disable the autoplay while browsing to the home screen. This is the option for which many people are waiting. The main point is that you can change it by logging in your Netflix account through a web browser only, not by using it through the Netflix app, smart TV, tablet, etc.

To stop the auto feature simply follow the below steps:

  • Open a web browser
  • Sign in to your Netflix account
  • Click on your profile photo
  • Select “Manage profile”
  • Select the profile for which you want to disable the autoplay.
  • You can also stop “auto-playing the next episodes in a series” on all the devices
  • Additionally, you can also uncheck ”Autoplay previews while browsing on all devices”

Any changes you have made on your account will reflect in all your devices.


The conclusion is that its good news that now you don’t have to suffer from automatically playing movies or anything. You have the right to stop it anytime from anywhere, just log in to your account through your account and process the above steps. Get rid of playing movies without your permission, losing data, etc and enjoy watching movies and TV shows.