Vaio’s SX12: The lightest 6-Core Laptop

Vaio’s SX12: The lightest 6-Core Laptop

After so many years, Vaio comes back with high-tech ultra-book Vaio SX12 which is specifically designed for all business purposes.  Vaio is a Japanese organization that is well-known for making computers and smartphones. Vaio is mainly focus on integrating all new specifications where they want to meet high-tech approaches, just to make your all processing faster.  

To maintain the Business environment, Vaio comes back with high-tech approach specifications where they meet all advanced technologies with new functions to make processing faster. They mainly work to make an advanced processing system which handles your all official task simultaneously without hanging any application. To optimize business productivity, these premium laptops are the best choices that lead to managing the business growth graph. With the new Vaio series, you can easily operate your all functional operations. It is lightweight which makes them easy to carry. These new laptop series take the title of “True Performance” where you can view the accurate results. The Vaio’s organization improves the system performances.

Vaio SX12: The lightest 6-core laptop 

In today’s world, technology is the only way to handle your organization in a smart way, Vaio SX12 laptop is a new series, which comes with the Intel core i7-10710U “Comet Lake” processor to operate all functions properly. This ultra-book carries 2.01 pounds weight; you can easily carry with yourself anywhere. When it comes to great performance, go with Vaio SX12, they will lead to operate and run. This lightest 6-core laptop has an i7 advanced processor specification that will easily handle your all tasks with more accuracy. With this processing, you can easily handle all multitasking operations. 

Vaio SX12 introduces with thunderbolt 3 for the fast access to transfer all the necessary data. The non-touch screen is enabling you to display your all work, where you can see the improvement of all new applications.  These thinner laptops have high-capacity to run faster for a long time period at the same speed.

Vaio SX 12 comes with more upgraded versions where your device meets with new & advanced specifications. Vaio SX 14 is the latest version, where you meet your official work with new applications and make processing fast to complete the daily work target. This technology operates all multitasking operations with scheduling functional processor to run all operations timely. 

Assistance Specification

Vaio SX 12 fetch power by an Intel Core i7-10710U processor which is working on a 12 nm manufacturing process and has 6 core and 12 working threads with up to 4.70 GHz turbo boost frequency.

It is one of the ultrathin clamshell laptops out in the market. It is lighter than even all EliteBooks with a 12.5 thin-bezel display screen. The input device keyword has a downward direction, throughout which you find the comfort zone for typing. This fast processing improves the airflow feature to cool down the system temperature. The Vaio SX12 is configured with VGA input at the right side, Ethernet port, C-type jack, and HDMI input and on the left side 3.0 USB port, mic/headphone jack. 

Vaio makes the world’s best laptops. with these new integrated approaches and advanced technologies. These will manage and run all official tasks with more ease. Choose this technology which makes it easy to run your all works with a fast processor and multitasking function.