WordPress Website or Core PHP | Which is Better

WordPress Website or Core PHP | Which is Better

In today’s world, everything is online even from shopping to booking a house and of course online business is demanding. As per the time as gradually things are changing and everything is becoming computerized. Online business is better than running a business in the traditional way. If you want to run a business you need a website. You need to think that it is better to make the website WordPress or Core PHP. So today we are here to tell you about the same. Let’s start with the PHP.

Some prefer Core PHP and some WordPress Website it totally up depends on many factors. So we will evaluate both to check which one is better for online business.


Using PHP is an open-source language and developers and IT managers can easily access it. You don’t have to pay a big amount to learn or to purchase this language. PHP has a large number of communality members which keeps increasing day by day.

Ease of use and hassle-free accessibility significantly reduce the threshold of entry into the PHP coding. PHP is partially object-oriented language so it is very simple for developers to reduce the code as per the demand. PHP was originally optimized for creating web applications quickly as it has built-in functions using GET and POST requests. Which works very smoothly.

It is highly flexible and versatile and also compatible with all major platforms. Because of good readability, changing and modification very few problems come up with time to time. So as per the above points, it’s clear that the main advantages of PHP are economy, scalability, simplicity, compatibility, and convenience. It is highly suitable for all types of websites, CRM solutions, and large portals.


WordPress is a popular CMS. It is widely used by many website owners all the world because of its free availability, regular updates, free themes, and plugins, etc. These are some features that make different. However, it has some limitations as well.

WordPress websites are still easier to hack today, any professional hacker can hack the WordPress website. Hackers can bring the website down and your online business will be destroyed. It can also create some problems while expanding the website and adding new features. WordPress is suitable for small and medium scale business organizations only.


Now it is clear that if you own a small business you can go for WordPress however for a large business web source should be PHP. Check your needs and use PHP or WordPress accordingly.

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