Sage Error Code 1334 Troubleshooting Method

Sage error code 1334

Sage is one the most popular developers of comprehensive accounting solutions and their flagship product , Sage 50 is the one-stop solution for businesses that have turned towards technology to manage various aspects of their company. But, like every application in the market, Sage 50 too faces some errors due to various reasons and one of them is error 1334 which has pesters users at the time of the installation.

In this blog, we will provide you the information which any Sage user who is seeing this error should have in their arsenal such as what this error means, why this message is displayed and some ways that are easy to implement and help you get rid of this error.

 About Sage error code 1334 in the Sage Application

Displayed along with a message that “The file {filename} cannot be installed because the file cannot be found in the cabinet file {filename}”, error 1324 is one the most common errors that users face while trying to install Sage 50 on their computer. More instances of this error have been noticed in the case of users having Windows 7 installed on their computer compared to users using other versions of the Windows operating system.

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What are the reasons for Sage error code 1334 to be displayed while installing Sage 50?

The following reasons have been identified by us to be the causes behind error 1334 popping up on your screen when you are trying to install Sage 50-

  1. Sage 50 Accounts or Sage 50 Accounts essentials have been installed or uninstalled before on your system.
  2. The installer is not able to read the file from the CD-ROM/DVD.
  3. The file is already present on your computer and hence causing an overlap.
  4. The necessary files are missing from the package.
  5. The MSI file has been either deleted or is not there.
  6. The compressed file has not been properly uncompressed.
  7. The same file is being copied again by the MSI.

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What are the Steps to Troubleshoot Sage Error 1334 on Sage 50?

Now that you know that what could be the possible reasons for Sage error code1334, try the following solution and see if this works to eradicate the problem you are facing-

  1. You can use command prompt for resolving this error-
  • Press and while holding the Windows key  press R.
  • When the Run window opens , type %temp% in the field and click on the OK button
  • Now, hold the Ctrl key and press A. Then press Delete and click on the Yes option.
  1. Provide the setup file that is missing .This will get the setup to complete.
  2. You need to replace or repair any file in the MSOCache that is missing or is corrupt.
  3. You have to obtain a Network Share for the User’s workstation if you are using Windows 7. For this you have to follow the steps given below-
  1. Go to start and chose Control Panel.
  2. Now, double click on Region and Language.
  3. Then, click on the Administrative tab.
  4. Click on Change Systems Locale and select English from the list.
  5. Click the OK button and restart your computer.
  1. User must setup their account in Microsoft Outlook once again as deletion of MSOCache can also cause this error.
  2.   Do select the Repair option as it will repair all the corrupted files.


The above given steps are not just solutions but they also optimize and prevent this as well as other errors that may pop up during installation. We understand that you are eager to put Sage 50 to work But, assistance errors like these should be handled carefully as some of the vital system settings need to be modified and not all users are confident enough to do that since it requires expertise. Therefore, if you want experts to guide you with the troubleshooting process or you have any query regarding this error or Sage in general, then you can connect with our experts at 


How are Sage error code 1334 and 1335 in Sage 50 different from one other?

Sage Error 1334 is displayed because the required file is missing in the cabinet file while error 1335 is caused because the required file or the cabinet file is either corrupt or damaged.

What is MSOcache and should I delete it after I have installed Sage 50?

It is a folder present in the root directory of your computer and is used by Microsoft Office to store essential files during the update or repair process. It might consume more space, but it is strongly recommended not to delete it as MS office may not be able to repair a program if MSOcache is absent.

What is the Network Share used for?

Network share or shared resources allows users to share various resources like files, folders, media and information across a network. A Wi-Fi connection and LAN could be also be shared among multiple users.