How Users can Rectify QuickBooks POS Error 3170?

QuickBooks POS Error 3170

QuickBooks POS Error 3170 occurs when users trying to edit or want to make changes in a customer/vendor list and in that case the processing stops running. This status error alert appears on your screen as “[QODBC] QuickBooks Error 3170” and it creates a blunder effect on your software as well as business. However, QuickBooks software additionally encourages its users with the choice of web-based saving money in different ways. Even this keeps a better track of the made interactions. Below are some of the mentioned causes as well as easy and suitable solutions to fix this error. 

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The Root Causes of QuickBooks POS Error 3170

There can be numerous possible reasons that can lead to this POS error. Here are some of the causes behind this error code 3170 that are listed down:

  • This is mainly due to when the user wants to change a vendor/customer list item and it is not done or corporate files get corrupt.
  • When your active programs crash on Windows, 3170 will appear as an error code. The downloading process unexpectedly corrupts or performs an inappropriate configuration of QuickBooks programs.
  • The other programs may be harmful or it is wrongly excluded from QuickBooks-linked records.
  • For instance, in runtime errors 3170, a blunder of error 3170 caused by several variables, and it is important that we invest in any imaginable problem that keeps repeating over and over again.

Some of the steps provided in this blog need to take steps that lead to irreversible changes. So, it suggests that you have QuickBooks POS backup and QuickBooks Desktop backup before going through the steps listed.

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Solutions to fix QuickBooks POS Error 3170

Users must be wondering how to fix this error. To fixation of this error code you need to follow some of the quick solutions that are relevant and easy to perform:

Solution 1

  • Initially, examine or go through QuickBooks Desktop POS in the Activity Log
  • Both customer/seller names are in line until this error happens 3140
  • Now you need to perform the below-mentioned steps if none then you can go through another option
  • Click on the right column of a customer list from the main menu of a Point of Sales
  • Next, select the status to find your list and then look for any customer name by clicking on the QuickBooks header file
  • You can go through the vendor list by following the same procedure
  • After that, click on the QuickBooks Desktop to register your name as vendor/ customer
  • Click on the customer center within the customer main menu
  • Now click on the name which is listed under the activity log 
  • Then click on edit option using the drop-down menu
  • Go to the menu and add a numeric number as “1” and click on the Ok button in order to complete the processes
  • Now everything sets to run the program for financial exchange
  • After that, double-click on the edit menu that guides you to delete numeric “1” and then hit Ok button
  • This also helps to integrate with QuickBooks customer or vendor that is created by financial exchange
  • Finally, hit the “Yes” option and make sure you agree with all terms and conditions.

Solution 2

  1. The above-discussed description happens when you come across an error code before the error consists of the name of the client/vendor
  2. If nothing indicates any changes then it suggests you perform the additional steps that are discussed below.
  3. In case, the name already exists, find the customer/vendor name then perform the further steps in order to fix this error.
  • The very first open QuickBooks Desktop POS and then select the customer list
  • Right-click on the mentioned column 
  • Now select customer tab and select the QuickBooks Status
  • After that, sort out the given list and look for the customer name 
  • Next, select the QuickBooks Status heading along with the status of error or not posting
  • You can perform the same procedure within the vendor list.

Solution 3

The very first edit the name of customer/vendor under the QuickBooks Desktop

  • Initially, select customer center within the main menu of customer
  • After that, perform the same under the vendor list and then vendor center
  • Right-click on the Activity log and select the edit option
  • Now add the numeric “1” at the end of a particular name and hot Ok button
  • Finally, run the financial exchange program

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Solution 4

Using QuickBooks Desktop software, you need to add all of your edited names, as well as new names created by a financial exchange user.

  • Initially, double-click on the edited name of QuickBooks Desktop
  • Next, delete the numeric “1” and hit Ok button
  • Therefore, QuickBooks quickly ask you to merge customer/vendor with a list of customer/vendor option that is created by financial exchange
  • At last, hit the Yes button.


Meeting all the accounting and financial needs of businesses, QuickBooks software offers innumerable advanced features that help you to take your business one level up. But sometimes errors can occur due to various reasons and it is a common part of the software. Users come across QuickBooks POS Error 3170 while dealing with vendor/customer list elements, errors might develop. Because of this error, the modification process cannot be complete. With the help of the above-mentioned solutions, hopefully, you can successfully troubleshoot this status mistake.