Sage 100 Payroll 2.20 Installation and Upgrade


Sage 100 Payroll provides users with a range of features like a data entry process, calculations of leaves and deductions, filing of taxes etc.  Many businesses have utilized its services to streamline their daily HR functionality and processes. As a popular yet responsible organization, Sage 100 also rolls out updates regularly to add to its functionality, improve using feedback and remove any glitches.

This blog will help you get on board with Sage 100 payroll by providing all information right from installing the application on your systems to upgrading the previous versions that you are having at present.

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What are the New Features Available in Sage 100 Payroll 2.20 and Above Versions?

Sage 100 Payroll 2.20 offers some new enhancements to its previous versions such as –

  1. The revised w-4 form has been changed
    • Federal tax group has new filing statuses which are HH1, HH2, MJ1, MJ2, NR1, NR2, S1, and S2.
    • Fields like Dependent Amt, Other income Amt, Deductions Amt are only available if you select the new filing status.
  2. Employees who have submitted the w-4 form for the previous version need not do any changes.

Additionally, version 2.20.1 has updates on Payroll tax pay utility while version 2.20.2 now Helpdesks covid-19 legislation, international address, and tax codes conversion.

Things to do before starting the installation – It is important to perform the following tasks before you begin with the installation-

  • Install the latest payroll update for Sage 50.
  • Get the Payroll Check Register updated.
  • All the direct deposit transactions must be finished and disposed of.

Steps to Install Sage 100 Payroll 2.20

  1. First, log on using an administrator account to the server which has Sage 100 installed.
  2. Ensure you have closed all other programs.
  3. Log into the Sage Helpdesk web page
  4. Now, click on My Downloads and choose Sage 100.
  5. Choose the Payroll program that is to be installed and click Download Now.
  6. Click on the EXE file and follow the installation wizard.

Steps to Install the Payroll Module

To install the Payroll module you have to follow the steps mentioned below-

  1. Use an account with administrator rights and login to the Server which has Sage 100 installed.
  2. Close all other programs which are running.
  3. Now, download the Payroll installation program by going to the Sage Helpdesk page and choosing the Payroll program from the My Downloads section.
  4. Click on the Download Now button.
  5. Open the EXE download file and follow the instructions on the wizard.

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Activating the module

  1. Navigate to Library Mater, then Mater and choose Company Maintenance.
  2. Then, choose the company and click on Activate.
  3. Now, in the Activate column, select the checkbox next to Payroll.
  4. Click the Proceed button.

Running the Payroll Setup Wizard

  1. Navigate to the Payroll menu, click on Setup and choose Payroll Options.
  2. Click on the Yes button when prompted to set up the module.
  3. Follow the instructions on the wizard and provide the information that is asked.

Tasks to complete after the installation

  1. Installation of the Payroll Tax Update– Go to the Payroll option, then hit the Utilities button, and then selects the Payroll tax Update option. Now click on Proceed in order to start downloading the update and then install them.
  2. Convert Payroll Data
    • Go to Library Master and select Main from the list then click on Company Maintenance.
    • Choose the company and then click on Convert.
    • Proceed through the Payroll Data Conversion Wizard to complete the process.
  3. Upgrading the Payroll Module- Here you have to follow the initial steps that are there for a new installation and then you have to convert the Payroll data. Then Post conversion tasks have to be done and the Payroll Status Check Utility has to be launched.
  4. Converting the Payroll Data- follow the steps below to convert payroll data:
    1. Click on Library Master and then select Company Maintenance.
    2. Select the company and click on Convert.
    3. This will launch the Payroll data conversion wizard. Follow the instructions to convert data.

Finishing the Post Conversion Tasks

Procedure for Upgrading

  • Navigate through Payroll > Utilities > Payroll Tax Update and then click on Proceed.
  • After the installation is completed m go to Payroll > Setup > Earnings Code Maintenance.
  • Choose a tax rule to get the corresponding earning code.
  • Go to Payroll, then Setup and click on Deduction Code Maintenance.
  • Provide your Tax number for each tax group after finding the Company tax group setup.
  • Click on Payroll, then Main, and select Employee Maintenance.
  • Select the option in the field of EEO job category field.
  • In the Taxes tab, provide a tax profile each to every employee.
  • Provide the filing status as per the tax group.


We hope that the measures mentioned above have proven helpful in installing Sage 100 Payroll 2.20 on your system and for its upgrade so that you can have the latest features that Sage has for its customers.  As the process is quite long and complicated, you may have some queries or need some assistance. Leave us a message or contact us on our toll-free number +1-516-514-3085 and we will come to your rescue in a jiffy.


Why do I have to update the module regularly?

You have to update the module to the latest version as it contains the latest tax information.

No, the installation of the Payroll module must be run on the server.

If the antivirus is not interfering with the installation, then there is no need to close it.