Sage 50 Error Connecting to Database

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Sage 50 is hailed as one of the best accounting solutions to hit the market in recent years. It has a wide range of features to assist the daily bookkeeping tasks of a business. Yet, it is software after all and does show errors sometimes. If you have recently installed Sage 50 on your system, you may have faced an error where you are unable to connect to the database due to some assistance issue.

If this has been the case for you, you have to the right place as we, at will not just tell you what this error is all about but also the reasons you are facing them and how you can fix them. These methods are organized in a step–by–step and will be easy to implement.

About the SAGE 50 Error While Connecting to the Database

This error is error is occurring mostly when the user is trying to open a company file or a sample company on Sage 50. It is mainly due to the inability to establish a connection between the settings, attributes, or availability of the file or with the connection manager that comes in-built with Sage 50.

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What are the Reasons for Facing this Error?

A user may be facing the “Sage 50 error connecting to database” due to a range of reasons acting together or individually. The reasons are listed below-

  • The folder with which Sage 50 connects to have its attribute set to Read-Only.
  • The file or folder with which you are trying to connect is corrupted or not present.
  • Windows Firewall is blocking the connection manager.
  • The .NET framework of the system has some problem.
  • You have not installed the Connection Manager on your system yet or it has not started.
  • A permission issue with the server having a shared location.
  • The UNC address is currently in use.
  • The connection manager is being detected as a threat by the anti-virus software installed on your system.

How can you fix Connecting to Database Error in Sage 50?

  1. By restarting the Sage 50 Connection Manager
    • Open the Control Panel, click on Administrative Tools and then on Services.
    • Now, right-click the option Sage 50 Database Connection Manager and click on Stop.
    • Again, right-click the option and this time select the start option.
    • Now, open the company file once again.
  2. Verify whether the SAJ folder attribute is set to read only or not
    • First, close the Sage 50 tool and navigate to the location where the company file is present.
    • Now, right-click on the folder having the extension SAJ.
    • Then click on the Properties option and see whether the check box next next to the Read only option is marked or not.
    • If it is checked then clear it and press the OK button.
    • In the end, you to restart Sage 50 and open the company file.
  3. Check whether you are able to view the files and folders present in the .SAJ folder
    • Navigate to the folder where all the SAJ files are located.
    • Right click on the folder and click on the Properties option.
    • Now uncheck all the option in the Hidden box.
    • Then Press the Apply button and then click on OK.
    • Try to open the folder again and verify whether all the files and folders which are required by you are available or not.
  4. Reinstall the Sage 50 program on your system – For this you have to uninstall the Sage 50 program by locating the uninstall file in the program folder. Then , install the application again from the official website of Sage 50.


We hope that after going through the blog and following the troubleshooting methods above, you are able to have the Sage 50 application installed on your system connect to the database again. It is extremely important that the accounting application which your company uses remains active to record and manage your cash flow and projects. Therefore, we at are available through our website’s in-built chat feature so that you get the resolution at the earliest.


Q1. Why am I unable to stop the Connection Manager and repeatedly getting an error message?

Ans1. You are getting the error message probably because you do not have the administrative rights on the computer you are working on.

Q2. How does reinstalling the Sage 50 application affect the settings?

Ans2. When you reinstall the Sage 50 application, all modifications in the settings are reset to default.

Q3. Can I install the Sage 50 application on more than one computer?

Ans3. Yes, you can install Sage 50 on multiple systems depending on the licenses you have purchased.