Sage 50 US Activation Service Interruptions Problem

Sage 50 US Activation Service

Sage 50 US Accounting Software offers the latest feature and capabilities, albeit after download it is important to activate the service. However, sometimes the user will encounter the Sage 50 US Activation Service interruption issue.

This article covers the solution for Sage 50 US Activation Service Interruption. Start by following these instructions to get rid of the Sage 50 Error.

The Cause for the Sage 50 US Activation Service Interruption are Mentioned Below –

Before implementing the solution or buying the Sage 50 US Activation Service Interruption, it is important to know the underlying causes for this issue. There are many reasons why you might experience this sort of issue on your device. Take some time to study the list below.

  • Any software or antivirus blocking the activation
  • Bad or damaged data files
  • The system date for windows is not correct
  • Dat hidden or damaged
  • Pervasive database manager bad installation

Here is How you can Resolve Sage 50 US Activation Service Interruption

On the computer, where you have stored the data files, follow the given below steps –

  • Block the antivirus or firewall
  • The clientinfo.xml should be moved to the data path outside the area or else, you have to rename it
  • Check data path files and correct wherever required. You can activate it manually
  • You have to uninstall and reinstall pervasive error

How Actian Should be Manually Reinstalled

  • The installation folder is available at pathC:\Sage\Sage 50_(Version)
  • PervasiveMin Folder should be opened
  • Run SetupWorkgroup32_x86.exe (for 2020 version) or Pervasive PSQLv11WGE.msi (2019.2 and earlier versions)
  • Choose Next and accept the license and agreement >>>click next again
  • Choose option run as service and click on next
  • Click on the complete option and then proceed ahead
  • Select install and activate Actian
  • Click on Finish

For any Sage inquiries, we are always available. The team has experience in all aspects of Sage and professionals are highly trained to help with questions. There is also a contact form for your convenience. Fill the same and relax.


How to Activate Data Path Files for US Edition Activation?

  • Close the Sage program running on background
  • Browse the data path and move the given below files to the outside of your data path
  • Envsess.dat
  • Serial.dat
  • Options.dat
  • Serial.dat.bak
  • Envsetng.dat
  • Envuser.bak
  • *PTL (all files with PTL extension)
  • *LCK (all files with LCK extension)
  • Entitlements.xml
  • Software installations.xml

Now, you need to check the option of Sage 50 again. If you have an option to activate it manually, why not go ahead.

Is There any Other Solution?

Yes, there is an uninstalled and reinstalled pervasive solution.