Sage 50 won’t Open after Update

Sage 50 won't Open after Update

Are you confronting an issue with Sage 50 Account not opening after a new update has been downloaded Sage 50 program won’t open when tap on it. Is your Sage 50 accounting software not running after installing the latest update? It provides regular updates so that customers have the latest innovative features to manage accounts, projects and transactions efficiently. Despite the best efforts by Sage to keep the application free of glitches, users have reported an error that Sage 50 is not opening after they’ve installed the recent updates.

If the accounting software that handles the daily business activities does not open, it will waste precious time and affect regular work. In this blog, we aim to provide you with a resolution to fix all related errors like Sage 50 not launching when the icon is clicked, errors during installation , Peachw.exe appearing and disappearing in the task manager etc. so that you can avoid these kinds of errors in future as well.

Possible Reasons for Sage 50 won’t Open after Update

Your copy of Sage 50 may not open after updating due to the following reasons-

  • Peachw.exe is running in the background even after Sage 50 is closed
  • Company files have not been updated correctly in the previous update.
  • Hard drive may be corrupted.
  • The path of the server data and the local data are different.
  • Anti – virus software is preventing the software update.
  • Microsoft .NET framework file is damaged.
  • Error in connectivity with the Sage servers.
  • There are conflicting procedures running on the system.

How to Know That Sage 50 is not Opening Because of an Update?

Is the error you are getting while starting Sage 50 really due to the updates you have just installed? There are few ways to know if the software is not running because of the updates-

  • When you launch the application, Sage 50 Launcher.exe and sbddesktop.exe forms are running but they close when you click Ok while signing in.In the task manager, Peachw.exe appears and disappears.
  • In the task manager, Peachw.exe appears and disappears.
  • Entering wrong credentials has enabled the User Account Control ( UAC)

How to Fix Sage 50 won’t Open after Update error?

There are various methods you can use to fix the error where the updates are preventing Sage 50 from installation. Try the ones listed below and see which one works for you –

Method 1: Verify if the Data path and Local path on the server are the same

  • Check the data path on the server and see that its location is same to the LOCALDATAPATH.
  • If they are not the same, uninstall and reinstall the program so that they are same.

Method 2: Turn of the compatibility mode

  • Right- click on the Sage 50 easy route
  • Navigate to Properties, click on the compatibility tab and check the box next to “Run this Program as a manager”.
  • Click on OK.
  • When you open Sage 50 next time, a UAC will prompt the user to install the improvements. Click on Yes.

Method 3: By removing ´Run as Administrator’

  • Right –click the Sage 50 icon on the desktop
  • Click on Properties and select the Properties tab.
  • Uncheck the Run this program as an administrator checkbox.
  • Click Apply and then OK.

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Method 4: Download the Service Release Once Again

  • Open the data path and click on the Updates folder.
  • Now click on the fresh service release update file and click on Delete.
  • Download the latest version of the update.
  • Open the file that has been downloaded to start and complete the installation.

Method 5:

Stop Ipv6 on the system and the server- this requires expert supervision

Method 6:

Rectify the wrongly configured DNS – modify the properties of IP version 4 9TCP/IPv4) to ‘’Obtain an IP address automatically “and “Obtain DNS server address automatically’’

Method 7: Running Application As an Administrator

  • Navigate to the Updates folder.
  • Open the Executable file. Now click on Run as administrator.
  • Install the update and open Sage 50.


Rectifying the error where Sage 50 won’t Open is necessary so that you seamlessly continue with the daily accounting processes. We hope that this blog has helped you in correcting this error using one of the methods. If the error still persists, you can call us at our toll free number , drop a message on our website or connect with us through social media.


How to create a new data path for the update files?

By using the Database Repair Utility, you can create a new data path.