Troubleshoot Sage Update Error

Sage Update Error

Sage Accounting has been arguably one of the leading software applications for bookkeeping. It has numerous features to handle various tasks such as Account receivable, account payable, project management, cash flow management, bill payments, etc. Most importantly, it regularly rolls out updates having new features and patches that show Sage’s concern for its users and their dedication towards keeping the application in sync with the needs of businesses.

Even the most advanced of the software applications cannot avoid having some errors, and there are few that the user might experience while updating the Sage accounting product. If you are also facing any of these errors, continue reading this blog as we will tell you more about these errors and the ways you can employ to fix these issues.

How to download Sage 2021 update error

What are the Various Types of Errors you may Face While Updating Sage 50?

The most common message that the user may see is “Failed to update file (path of the specific file). Do you wish to continue with the update?” While trying to update the Sage accounting application, a user may also face some major issues like –

Reasons of the Sage Update error

If you are not able to update Sage accounting application on your system, the most probable reasons for these are –

  • The files are being used by some other application installed on your system at that time.
  • The access to the file is restricted.
  • A company file is either damaged or corrupted.
  • The data file required by the Sage application is not present.
  • The language of your windows operating system or Sage is set to non English.

How can I fix the Sage Update Errors that pop up on my Screen while Updating the Sage Application?

You can use the following ways in order to fix the errors while updating-

Solution 1: Restart your computer

Click on the Start button on your desktop and select the Restart option. Run the update after restarting your computer.

Solution 2: Ensure that the data path is same as the local path present on the server

Check whether the data path on the server and the local data path is the same. If they are different, then you have to uninstall and reinstall the Sage application ensuring that their paths are the same.

Solution 3: Repair the Sage application

  • First of all, click on the Start option on your desktop and then select Control Panel.
  • Now, choose the Programs option and then click on Features.
  • Choose Sage 50 Accounting from the list of programs and click the Change option.
  • After that, click the Repair button.  Then press Next.
  • The repair process will be started and fix the issue once completed.

Solution 4: Using command prompt to sort accompanying orders

  • Click on the Start button and then select Run.
  • When the command prompt opens , type
    • Msiexec/unregister and then msiexec/regserver
  • Now, reinstall the Sage 50 application on your computer.

Solution 5: By turning off the East Asian dialect Helpdesk

For WINDOWS XP users
  • Click on Start and then choose Control Panel.
  • Now, click on Regional and Language Alternatives.
  • Then click on the Advanced tab and in the drop-down menu choose English for non-Unicode programs
  •  Click OK and then restart your computer.
For Windows Vista or Windows 7 users
  • Go to the Control Panel and click on Regional Language.
  • Now, click on the Administrative tab.
  • Then click on Change Systems Locale to English.
  • Click the OK button and restart your computer.
For Windows 8 users
  • Go to the Control Panel and click on Clock, Language and Region.
  • Now, select your Region. 
  • Then click on the Administrative tab.
  • Select the Change Framework Region under the Language for non- Unicode programs.
  • Select English from the list of languages.
  • Press the OK button and restart your computer.


We hope that after going through the blog and following the troubleshooting tips we have provided, you are able to install the latest update of the Sage 50 application and enjoy its latest features. Updating will also resolve certain lags that you may have experienced in the previous versions of Sage. 

Following some of the solutions above needs assistance expertise, and if you require assistance about how to update sage 50, then you can speak to our experts at through. We provide both call and chat assistance and give you the best possible solution.


Does Sage provide any feature so that the update errors are detected and fixed automatically?

Yes, Sage has a Sage 50 Database Repair Utility which you can run to fix the issue of Sage 50 not updating.

How can I install the latest updates of the Sage 50 accounting application?

I did not get the Download prompt after clicking the Check Now button to download updates. How to fix this?