How QB Users Can Solve QuickBooks Payroll Error 6000?

QuickBooks Error Code 2108

QuickBooks Payroll Error 6000 happens when you attempt to open an enterprise file. This can occur when several users are logging in at one time to the same company account. It can also occur when you’re simply attempting to get a backup of your previous files. Because of this QuickBooks error, you can’t keep monitoring your financial and accounting data file and the entire work will come to a halt. It is recommended that you fix this error as soon as possible so that you can continue workflow like earlier on QuickBooks. 

What are the Symptoms for QuickBooks Payroll Error 6000?

Below are the listed symptoms that can happen at the time when you encounter this error code:

  • Whenever the “QuickBooks Error 6000” shows up on your computer, then it may harm your Windows system.
  • When the message is auto-populated and the “Windows Setup Error Code 6000” appears on the screen. 
  • Windows runs slowly automatically and often responds to the mouse or keyboard input at a very slow speed. 
  • Most of the time the system gets “Freeze” for a few seconds
  • It can often be possible when you are running a similar program at the same time.

QB users can directly connect with the QuickBooks Helpdesk


What Causes QuickBooks Payroll Error 6000?

There could be various that lead to the error but here are mentioned all possible causes that can be one behind the occurrence of this error code. 

  • Somehow, a firewall blocks the connection between the two computers.
  • The. TLG file could get corrupted and trigger QuickBooks Error 6000.
  • Configuration of QuickBooks was compromised, and thus incomplete.
  • The client file is managed by a computer which is not the actual server.
  • The mistake leads to an incorrect Network Configuration.
  • A company file with an extension to.qbw has got damaged.
  • If you work in single-user mode, there is a risk that another user may have logged in to the company register.
  • Each time the. ND file doesn’t work properly; this can lead to Error Code 6000.
  • In the event that the company file is corrupt, this can lead to the error.

How can we Resolve the QuickBooks Payroll Error Code 6000?

Check out the various solutions for the error code when you attempt to open any company file. These are reliable solutions in order to make your problem-solving easy.

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Solution 1: Open and copy the Company file on your desktop

  • Initially, open the particular folder that contains company file
  • Search the file with a name extension .QBW
  • Right-click on that file and then click on Copy
  • Now right-click on your desktop and paste it
  • Next, Open your QuickBooks so while holding down the control key you are automatically led to the No Company Open window
  • Bring back a successful company
  • Find the company files you copied first open it then move to your desktop.

Solution 2: Recreate Damaged Folder to Resolve Error 6000

  • The very first create a new folder in your c:\drive
  • Now open the particular folder where you save your company file
  • Search .qbw file
  • Select the .qbw file and copy by right-clicking on it
  • Then paste this file to a new folder that you have created already in C:\drive
  • Next, select the access permission for Windows to share your company files
  • At last, Open QuickBooks and open the file from the new location.

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Solution 3: Rename .ND and .TLG files

  • Initially, search the files with your company file name but it should in extensions .ND and .TLG
  • Then rename the same file by adding the word “.old” but after the file extension and press Enter.

Follow the Further after renaming the file to fix QuickBooks error code 6000:

  • Initially, restart the QuickBooks Database Server Manager
  • Next, re-scan the company file
  • Press Start Window button from the keyboard and choose All Programs
  • Now select the QuickBooks Desktop then select and click on QuickBooks Database Server Manager
  • Next, select and click on Scan folders and then Add Folder
  • Or else you can highlight the particular file and then click on Scan button
  • Ensure that the company file always appear in the bottom box with the heading “QuickBooks business file found”
  • Now try to open the company file once again
  • Sign in your company file after you open the QuickBooks
  • In case the error still exists then you need to follow the further solution.

Solution 4: Close all QuickBooks processes

  • The very first, log-in as Administrator on your server computer
  • Press altogether Ctrl+Shift+ Esc from the keyboard to open Task Manager
  • Now select the users’ tab that should show processes for all users
  • Highlight all QuickBooks process and then click on End Task
  • Finally, open a particular company file in the “Multi-User Mode” in QuickBooks.

Solution 5: Make usage of UNC path instead of a Mapped drive

  • Initially, right-click on you QuickBooks Desktop icon
  • Press and simultaneously hold CTRL key to open Run as Administrator
  • Hold the Ctrl key continuously till No Company window open 
  • QuickBooks Desktop has prevented from auto-opening a client file while holding down the Ctrl Key
  • From the File menu, click the option named Open or Restore Company 
  • Now you can select and click on Open a company file, then click Next
  • Click Network, and switch to the location of your company file in the Left Pane.
  • If you can’t find the folder where the company file is saved then set the permission for the files in that scenario
  • Simply click on the company file and then click on Open.

It is a fact that sometimes, like several other software, QuickBooks also gives some errors to the users. QuickBooks Payroll Error 6000 is also a common error that might be encountered while opening any company file. But don’t panic, the above-mentioned solutions help you to resolve it instantly. In this, you can know more about the error’s symptoms, causes, and various effective solutions.