Sage Data Conversion Error

Sage 50 Database Connection Error

Users may be required to perform a data conversion especially when they are planning to upgrade their accounting software from either its one version or edition to another or to a different software altogether. At other times, users may opt for a data conversion when they are having maintenance for their upgrade needs to be installed. Then, the users can choose to have their old company data in the new folder. Data conversion eliminates the deleting the product update or the upgrade of Sage 50 in order to view a company file made in the earlier edition of the software.

Sage Data Conversion Error – An Introduction

When you are doing a data conversion, there could be some errors occurring in the middle due to which the Sage software will show an error message and hang. You will also see that your mouse and keyboard controls have become unresponsive. If there is an error during data conversion, you might see one of the following errors-

“Error: “This company is from a version of the product that is too old to be converted.”


“This transaction refers to a non-existing invoice for customer/vendor XXXX, reference XXXX” 

Apart from the two errors mentioned above, there are “Lock Table Errors” which occur if you are using Sage 50 on a network. 

Why are you Facing Sage Data Conversion Error while Using Sage?

You could be facing a Data Conversion error while using Sage accounting software due to the following reasons-

  1. There has been a power failure in the middle of the conversion process.
  2. For some reason, your system got locked while undergoing the conversion process.
  3. The computer was closed by you while the conversion process was going on.
  4. You had closed Sage application while the conversion process had been taking place.
  5. You are using a very old version of Sage 50.
  6. Your company file is not compatible with the version of Sage 50 you are using. 

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Important Things You Must Remember

  1. If you had received an error while undergoing Data conversion, you have to make sure that before you have your company file undergo the data conversion process again, you restore the backup created before the earlier failed conversion process.
  2. Before you start the Data Conversion wizard, make sure that the anti-virus software has been temporarily disabled, the screen savers have been turned off and all running applications have been closed. 
  3. Check that the hard disk space on your computer is sufficient- Sage 50 requires almost three times the size of the company file that you are trying to convert temporarily.  

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How you can Avoid Receiving the Data Conversion Error in Sage?

For resolving errors occurring during the Data conversion process, it is important that you are aware of why you are getting the error and based on that you have to use the troubleshooting process accordingly. There are three scenarios in which you have to take the following steps-

  1. For Invoice Errors that are non-existing
    • Click on Tasks > System > Post > Post All Journals. Check if you view the transaction which is being referred to in the error message.
  2. You can also create an invoice by following Maintain > Company Information > Posting Method > Batch Posting. Click OK. Now, create the invoice and post it by going to Task > System > Post > Sales Journal.
  3. For issues related to Converting Data on Network – you can increase the maximum locks on each connection for your network. Now, try doing the conversion process again. Also while trying to convert data on other networks you may get the Lock Table errors. Then, you have to copy the company data to a system and then perform the data conversion. After completing the process you can copy the data to your network drive.


By using the troubleshooting tips we have provided in this blog, you can prevent conversion errors related to Sage accounting software. There may be some rare instances where you would be still facing them. In that case, you can contact the Sage Helpdesk center to help you with repairing your company data. 

Our experts at can also help you regarding these errors through chat Helpdesk where we could help you restore the old backup of your company data so that you can do the conversion process again.


Will the size of the data file significantly increase if the recommended space on the hard disk is triple the size of the company file?

No, Sage 5 only uses the disk space temporarily and the size of your company file will depend on the version of Sage 50 you are using and for which you are converting to.

Where is the data conversion backup file located on my system?

You can find the data conversion backup file in the original company folder. Usually, the conversion backup have the file name BackupV#.ptb ( # is the version number)

Do I have to make changes to the backup settings of my network for the data conversion process?

 If you have enabled automatic data backup and it performs the conversion process overnight, then it should be disabled before the data conversion process. You may enable it after you have finished the data conversion process.