Sage HRMS Integration to Sage 100 Payroll

Sage HRMS Integration to Sage 100 Payroll

The Sage Accounting software is a powerful accounting platform that offers a variety of tools and features. In the digital era, one such important tool offered by Sage is HRMS, which can be integrated with its 100 software benefit package.
Sage HRMS is versatile and productive. It was designed with the collaboration of Sage professionals and Human Resource professionals. Sage HRMS is specifically designed to streamline and integrate HR-friendly tools and features so businesses can save on investment, improve the company’s returns.

Here is How you Can Integrate Sage HRMS into Sage 100 Payroll

The Sage 100 standard ERP is specifically designed software to deliver data and make proper communication between Sage 100 ERP Payroll and Sage HRMS. This integration offers great performance in your software, great sharing of information, compact integration, you can easily set up your integration and refresh duplicate set-up.

The Benefits of Sage HRMS Are

  • Administering company’s benefit – health plans, savings plan, contributions of 401 (k), and others
  • Attendance management – Whether it is absence, leave or time management, the tool surpasses your expectations.
  • Compliance – VETS, HIPAA, FMLA, EEO, COBRA, and many more
  • Company Jobs and Organization – Employee compensation, performance, promotions, information, skills, education, transfer and more
  • Reduce Manual Data Entry – Once you populate your data fields in Sage HRMS and the employer’s system, all future additions, changes, and updates are entered into Sage HRMS. Shared information includes everything from employee numbers, earnings, deductions, benefits, tax withholding choices, and more.
  • Reduce Errors – Look for employee information discrepancies before the initial data transfer. If found, the inconsistencies can be addressed through Sage HRMS, transferring changes to Sage 100 Payroll.
  • Organizing Things – Eliminate duplicate data entry and give HR more time to spend on strategic company goals by transferring information between the two programs.

An HR User Can Do the Following Things –

  • You can easily set up Sage 100 Payroll and maintain employees’ settings in Human Resources.
  • HR Management allows you to easily transfer information with the records of employees. 
  • You can modify certain specifics of your company’s payroll in real-time. 
  • You can also create, update, or remove deductions from payroll that are linked with employees of HR and other premium & election of employees in real-time.
  •  Perform the transfer of transactions of employees from payroll to other attendance plans.
  • Create a new human resource and employee data quickly using the automatic import from Sage 100.

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Conclusion –

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Prioritize payroll and HR with Sage 100 ERP features and functionality. Sage 100 ERP can help you be more efficient and accurate for better employee relations.