Cyborg Jellyfish will help Scientists explore the Deep Ocean

Cyborg Jellyfish will help Scientists explore the Deep Ocean

Well, you know that the earth’s surface is covering up to 71 percent of the ocean and very less percent of the ocean is currently unexplored. Scientists strive throughout the year to discover something new. They are rapidly integrating emerging technologies with a pace of discovery mission to explore the marine environment. Astronomers are implementing advance techniques to find an efficient tool for space exploration. Among all these methods, scientists have found an idea from one of the Hollywood movies and developed Cyborg Jellyfish to explore the expanse of the ocean. Let’s discuss it in detail.

Why ocean exploration:

Oceans contain incredible insights into it. These insights are useful in many applications. Scientists try to do their every effort to understand the patterns present in the ocean for weather predictions, temperature and marine activities monitoring to reduce bycatch. 

Jellyfish Cyborg creation

Scholars of Stanford University have discovered a new technique with a Cyborg creation to explore the species of space. They converted Jellyfish into one bionic creature with both machine and animal features. This creature is developed through embedding microelectronic parameters into animals. According to them, if we can integrate these features into a robot system it will be more beneficial to explore space. This robot incorporated with a machine and an animal feature is a low-power robot.

After reading this, you must have a probing question:

Why scientists do think of Cyborg Jellyfish?

Why Jellyfish?

  • The device with the machine and animal features can swim faster than a normal Jellyfish. It can swim up to 2000 feet. This device will help scientists to work remotely across the ocean to extract information about discoveries from water.
  • Jellyfish is incorporated with biology to perform naturally tasks
  • Biotic assists researchers to understand the depth of the sea more accurately 
  • Jellyfish is the invertebrate creature; i.e. independent of the nervous system, mind, and lungs. So, they won’t give any trouble while doing experiments
  • Some researchers of Stanford have created a penny-size instrument with microchip and battery. They integrate jellyfish with the device which in turn makes jellyfish swim tripled time faster. After proper experiments, it was determined that this electric jolt jellyfish is more efficient in comparison to other swimming robots.  
  • Scientists try to install cameras and electric sensors in some species to track movements of species.


Researchers perform many strategies to monitor ocean species and discoveries. Among that Jellyfish is a cheap and efficient method for ocean exploration. Cyborg Jellyfish may be the best method to solve the ocean’s mysteries.