How The Coronavirus Outbreak is Affecting Tech World

How The Coronavirus Outbreak is Affecting Tech World

Presently everyone is aware of a virus that originated from China and spread to almost all of the countries. The latest virus is named Coronavirus which has originated from China. It was first seen in 1960 in the noses of two patients. Coronavirus is a kind of virus which can infect your nose, sinus, or upper throat, these viruses are usually can infect horse, mice, pigs cattle, etc. So now let’s find out how the Coronavirus Outbreak is affecting Tech World.

Facts of Coronavirus 🦠

There are some fast facts mentions below

  • SARS and MERS both are causes for coronavirus. 
  • It may infect many different species
  • SARS originated from China and infected approx 37 countries and killed around 774 people.

Coronavirus was given the name due to crown like appearances on their surfaces. Corona in Latin means crown.  Let’s go to symptoms of the Corona Virus.

Corona Virus Symptoms

Symptoms can be varying from person to person, however, some of the symptoms are given below:

  • A runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Cough
  • Fatigue
  • Fever in rare cases
  • Exacerbated asthma

There is no cure of hence it’s better to take care of yourself take the Over the counter medicines.

  • Take Rest and avoid overexertion
  • Avoid smoke and smoky areas
  • Drink enough water

Effects of Coronavirus Upsurge on Tech World

The tech sector is also getting effect by Coronavirus, as companies are closing the shops, offices, and factories in China and every country is restricting employees to travel to China. Major Tech companies are facing challenges due to coronavirus. This disease infected more than 17000 people and causes 1000 people to die. This rapidly spreading virus is affecting many things and many companies are allowing employees to do work from home and asked not to step out from home. HP, Amazon and many other companies asked employees not to travel to China, Facebooks expect delays in the production of the Oculus VR headset. Five factories that make LCD and LED can slow down the production. Some of the biggest companies which are affected are mentioned below.


This Company has temporarily closed its business in China, which is the main and most important market of the iPhone. This company has also closed its corporates office and contact centers in china and said that its online store will remain open but will keep an eye on the situation to open the store ad centers as soon as possible


The leading company Google said that he is closing its offices in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan due to health treatment. Google also has made some restrictions on business travel to China, additionally google employees are provided work from in china and those members whose family members returning from china recently. In China google mainly focus on sales and engineering for the advertising business.


This South Korean company has also withdrawn its mobile world congress 2020; LG also decides to cancel the annual show in which the company unveils its product. LG said that it will hold some other events in the near future to promote the products.


Chinese company ZTE is also in effect of Coronavirus, ZTE has to cancel its press conference in China due to coronavirus. The company said it is taking some precautions to protect from viruses, Company may separate the employees to travel to China and restricted them not to travel to China.


The largest retail company Amazon also canceled its participation in MWC; Amazon has also restricted its business to china until and unless there is a “business-critical season”. Amazon has also confirmed that the company is providing work from home to employees who are returning from affected areas. If they seem any symptoms they need to go to the medical consultation.


The software legend Microsoft also provided an advisory to work from home for Chinese people and asked employees to canceled all trips to china. Microsoft also said that he will donate around 1 million yuan donation to Hubei Redcross foundation to help to provide relief to the affected areas and in Wuhan nearby areas.


Airbnb has announced that it would offer the opportunity to cancel the reservations affected by coronavirus without any penalty. This would be applicable to Hubei Province in Wuhan.


After reading all this information regarding coronavirus it is clear that this virus is not affecting only humans and the health but also effecting the business, tech world, production business, airports, and many things, people are trying to get rid of this virus but it may take some time.  Nothing is remaining untouched from this Coronavirus Outbreak nor the Tech World.