QuickBooks Payroll Tax Tables: Download, Install and Verify

QuickBooks Payroll Tax Tables Download, Install and Verify

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll updates your tax table automatically. A payroll tax table is a chart that allows you to satisfy different payroll withholding requirements. These taxes depend on your income, whether or not you have a spouse with earnings, and whether or not you receive a bi-weekly paycheck.

What All Things to be Kept in Mind?

  • Intuit has a recommended update period for their tax table of 45 days. They also provide an update for every payment you make to your employees.
  • To update the payroll tax table you need to be connected to the internet.
  • In case you want to update the tax table, there should be an active payroll subscription.
  • You can automatically update the payroll tax table in QuickBooks Desktop if you want to by enabling the automatic updates.
  • Make sure you have the latest QuickBooks software release.

How to Download Updates for QuickBooks Payroll Tax Tables?

We’ve created a Payroll tax table that comes pre-installed with QuickBooks. You can always be confident in the calculations of your payroll if you use our software. It’s important to get the required QuickBooks updates so that your Payroll has accurate information. Follow these easy steps to ensure you have the latest updates from QuickBooks.

The Payroll Tax Table feature in QuickBooks lets employers know the best payroll tax rates before they pay employees or incur penalties.

  • Look for ‘Employees’ and then choose ‘Get Payroll Updates’.
  • Choose the option of downloading the complete payroll update
  • Click on the “Update button”
  • A pop-up message will appear when the download is complete
  • Click on Ok to analyze the change

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Unlocking a Payroll tax table update from a CD (Disk Delivery Service)

After downloading the update, your payroll software will have to be installed manually. Before you install it, follow these steps listed out on this page.

  • A user needs to insert the ‘Payroll Update CD’
  • Choose the “Get Payroll Updates” section
  • QuickBooks Desktop Professional and Premier: Employees must choose the get payroll updates option before selecting the ‘Employees’ option.
  • If you are prompted to search for the ‘update.dat’ or ‘data file’ in the ‘Install Payroll Update window,’ please follow the necessary steps according to the prompts.
  • In case when you are done, click on Browse
  • Select a CD drive from the ‘Look in the drop-down arrow.
  • From the “Payroll Update Disk” choose update3.dat or date
  • Click on OK
  • Now, you have to choose ‘update3.dat’ or ‘update.dat
  • Choose the ‘Open’ option
  • Go to payroll update window
  • Click on Ok

How you can install the recent version of Payroll Tax Table?

  • If your tax tables are up-to-date, then QuickBooks Payroll will automatically download and install the most recent updates of tax tables.
  • If you want to update the tax tables, then you’ll need to open QuickBooks Desktop and from under the Help tab click Update QuickBooks.
  • Go to Update Now tab and click on Get Updates
  • After completing the download, restart your computer
  • If you use QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier or Accountant version, then click the link to download updated payroll tax tables.
  • Once you have installed the updated tax table, you will see a notification.

How you can verify QuickBooks Payroll Tax Tables?

The process for verifying your payroll tax tables is now in place. Start by enlisting your payroll manager to complete the steps below.

  • The Installed Confirmation window in the MSI installer displays information about what is being installed and if certain tax tables are correct for the current installation and the new one.
  • When the update is finished, click on the message that says the tax table has been downloaded”
  • Click on OK to have a glance on the modification
  • If you have installed the correct payroll update, a message will appear.

How to Avail the Payroll Tax Table Update

A payroll tax table will offer a user the following information:

  • Federal and provincial tax tables
  • Electronic filing option
  • Payroll taxation forms

Last Words

Updating the QuickBooks to the current update is recommended. With every update, there are new features that help you be more efficient and accurate. However, if you still have any doubts you can reach out to our QuickBooks help desk for any further assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do the updates in QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table are automatic?

You can always take advantage of the automatic updates when you connect to the internet. However, if you don’t want to wait for updates, an easy option is to download and install the software manually.

Which is the most recent version for QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table?