Sage 50 Slow Over Network

Sage 50 Slow Over Network

People sometimes complain that Sage 50 is a slow network. And they say they have tried troubleshooting methods but still do not see any change. Even after trying things like switching to a new server, using a new gigabit switch, still the problem persists. So if you are facing the same problem, read on to learn what you can do. We are here to help you and Sage Helpdesk is here to resort to the issue of it being slow. Read further for details.

Sage 50 Slow Over Network

Different from the usual applications which have only a single file where the data is stored. The Sage 50 uses about 240 flat files and indexes to do the same. So this feature has the potential to create hassle over a multi-user environment, which is normal in the case of Sage 50. As a result of this multi-strata environment, the Sage 50 can slow down a bit over time. To resolve this issue you will need to configure your network to the needed standard.

How to take care of Sage 50 Slow Over Network

Follow the above all steps to fix the issue.

Step 1: Create a full backup of your Sage 50

Step 2: Disable the anti-virus program for a temporary period of time.

Step 3: This stage is crucial as Sage opens and closes its files in the background to help it run properly and keep the system up to date.

Step 4: There is a lock file Queue. dts which is accessed by Sage accounts over the multi-user environment to help it communicate with the other computers on the same network.

Step 5: Anti-viruses check-in on these operations which run in the background and the process gets overloaded.

Step 6: Once you have disabled the anti-virus, check the speed of your Sage 50 again.

Step 7: If you see that there is no improvement in the speed, then you will be required to uninstall the AV package both from the Server and the computer systems you are using.

Step 8: Now check the speed again. You can see the improvement in the speed of the program.

Step 9: Now you will need to put Sage 50 as an exception in the Antivirus program of your computer.

Alternative Solution:

You can go for this solution if the Sage 50 you are using is not working properly. And it is still running slow and you are being encountered with the same issue.

  • This is the next step you can go for, but the speed should be 100mbit. So when using online tools check the speed of the network.Check if your Sage has the updates needed to be installed or not.
  • Check that the ‘Opportunistic Lock’ is not disabled.

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The computer is at fault:

If the error; Sage 50 Slow Over Network; still persist then you may have to play a little with your computer settings, as there can be more than one reason contributing to slowing down the computer

  • Oplocks Disabled REG_DWORD 0 or 1
  • Default: 0 (not disabled)
  • Set to “1”

In the case of the server:

  • Follow this path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesLanmanServerParametersEnable Oplocks REG_DWORD 0 or 1
  • Default: 1 (Enabled by Default)
  • Set to “0”
  • Disable the SMB signing if it is not yet.
  • See if “Enable NetBIOS over TCP / IP” is enabled on the network card.
  • You need to make sure that all Sage versions are installed on the computer systems alike.
  • Sage Check Data and Sage Compress Data Routine should be performed now.
  • Change the Printer that is the default. Some Printers come directly into conflict with Sage.
  • Ensure that the disk space is adequately enough on the computer systems.