What new in Apple’s iOS and iPad OS 13.4?

iOS and iPadOS 13.4

Have a look at Apple’s new announcement with great updates. You will now grab a great benefit with the amazing features of iOS and iPadOS 13.4. Apple users need to update all their applications with new functionality. There is an iOS and iPadOS 13.4 SDK to offer Helpdesk for application development for all iPhone executing iOS & iPad OS 13.4. There presents a mouse pointer & magic keyboard enclosed with the track-pad which is known as one of the best updates. This blog covers major new breathtaking features. 

What’s new with iPadOS and iOS 13.4?

iOS and iPadOS 13.4 enumerate powerful new features, There is incredible Helpdesk for keyboards, Bluetooth &track-pad which in turn enhances the productivity of iPad users. This allows performing all tasks more quickly. Let’s delve into details:

iCloud Drive Sharing Feature

iCloud Drive folder sharing functionality permits apple users to easily share their entire documents drive. Previously they need to select each individual from the menu and able to send only one file. It is a great enhancement! The arrival of this incredible feature enhances a convenient factor to decrease the workload.

Augmented Reality

AR quick look which permits 3D object documents/virtual content to move and scale. It allows users to interact with this virtual content. Now in iPad OS 13.4, the content also includes an audio playback. This is stored in a 3D format named USDZ.

VPN disabled notification

iOS 13.4 came with one small & effective feature for VPN users. It looks identical to the standard icon that appears with a line crossed in it.  It will notify you about the disabled VPN. This icon displays temporary in the status bar of the iPhone screen.

Mail App is improved

Mail Application toolbar is another remarkable feature to overcome from the mixing up of the Delete & reply button. Due to which sudden accident takes place like when users try to reply they mistakenly delete the mail. Thanks to Apple! The updated toolbar comprises four options Delete, Move, Reply & Compose. This organized structure reduces the unnecessary issues which occur traditionally. It also includes more encryption.

Siri feature

There are some minor modifications in Siri. For instance, the new button goes to home screen & permission to override settings has been seen in iOS 13.4.

Universal Application Helpdesk

There is an inbuilt purchase system present in the App Store to permits to purchase the app at ones but compatible across multiple platforms like iPad, Apple TV and more.

Family Sharing Section

The iOS 13.4 contains a Family Sharing Section in the Apple TV app. Though this feature, users can discover entire videos & shows that their other family members have purchased. This allows for more entertainment.

Memoji Stickers

It presents Nine Amazing new Stickers including a surprised face, a shocked face, party face, hand-pressed together smiley. 

Live lyrics in Music

The presence of live lyrics in songs makes more convenient to follow the lyrics of your favorite music.

iPadOS Keyboard mapping

When any physical keyword is attached to the iPad, iPad OS permits key mapping according to use. Effective feature for the windows users who recently switched with iPad OS! The keys include Option, Control, Globe, Caps lock, & Escape.

Use of shortcuts

iPadOS let’s use of numerous shortcuts to search photos, album, to create photos album and more. Moreover, users can use these shortcuts to edit and delete a photo.

Cursor inclusion, mice & track-pad Helpdesk

These additional features enclosed with mice gives the users more comfort with multi-touch gestures. This allows the user to scroll fast, easy to swipe between tabs. The cursor highlights the home screen applications.


That is all, about the major features of iOS and iPadOS 13.4. Apart from these, there are other bug fixes also there. iOS 13.4 includes amazing features to enhance iPhone users’ entertainment. However, iPad OS 13.4 acts as a game-changer with its touchpad & mice Helpdesk and magic keyboard.