Boston Dynamics Spot: The Fighter Robot Dog

Boston Dynamics Spot

Information technology is developing many new inventions day by day. You have heard some of the latest technology that is AI, Robotics, etc. AI is gradually changing the idea of what robots can do. Let’s proceed with the information of a fighter robot dog( Boston Dynamics Spot ). AI is so advance, everything is handling through AI and even many companies are working to enhance the AI to make people’s life more comfortable.

What is Dynamic Boston Spot?

Boston Dynamics is a company that is a leader in mobiles robots, tackling some of the toughest robotics challenges. This company is majorly famous for the development of a Robot dog create for the U.S military. Earlier also it worked with the American System Corporations under a contract from the Naval Air Warfare Centre training system division.

There are many products by this company like BogDog, Cheetah, LittleDog, Petman, LS3, Atlas, SPotmini and Handle. But the latest one is the fighter robot dog. Since some days Dynamic Boston name is in the market due to the creation of “The fighter robot dog” which is not in the market till now, although the company is doing a trial on this robot dog. There are also rumors that the company would start to leasing the robots to many companies to check its exact potential. Firstly, we can use it for the Massachusetts State Police bomb squad unit.

Some specifications of the fighter root dog are given below:

  • The top speed of a robot dog is 3MPH (1.6 M/S),
  • Average runtime 90 minutes
  • Navigates challenging terrain
  • Programmable API
  • Camera Enable 360-degree obstacle avoidance
  • Swappable battery
  • 2 payload ports
  • Can carry up to 14Kg
  • Crash Protection
  • Dynamic Reaction
  • Self Rights After falls
  • Can operate in 20C to 45 C
  • Rain and Dust Protected 

These robots can climb stairs and it is so small to use indoors. This spot can go where a robot with wheels cannot go. These can be useful in many fields like construction, oil+gas, Public safety, entertainment. For right now the company is preparing to send those robots to collect the data from a place which is too dangerous, and information can’t be collected from that place. This is the technology which would be widely manage everything and may become very helpful for human beings.

As per news Boston Dynamics Spot, robots are not equipped with artificial intelligence, many of are commands must be operated by human beings. It reflects that when the robot fails to do what you want to do, then you need heavy troubleshooting.


If we talk about intelligence machines, many countries are trying hard to invent smart inventions so that they can use those machines for the development of the nation and for their daily work. But this one is a little different, although it’s not available still its features are awesome. It would be helpful in many things from daily work to army missions and for the work which no one can do.