Download Sage Timeslips Premium May 2021 Service Release

Download Sage Timeslips Premium May 2021 Service Release

Sage Timeslips Premium May 2021 assists its users in becoming more profitable and efficient by providing full-featured and powerful time management for professional services businesses. With its new enhanced features, Sage Timeslips Premium 2021 can help Premium 202 scale up business more efficiently. Some of its amazing features include: automatically checking for updates, new selection filters for slips that span multiple days, remembering Time Capture passwords, and many more. This new service release also includes fixes for reported issues, which will improve performance and your overall Sage Timeslips experience

So, today in this blog, we will provide you with all the details you need to know about Sage Timeslips Premium May 2021 Service Release.

Sage Timeslips Premium May 2021 What’s New –

The following is a list of the newest features in this latest release 2021:

  • My Time and Expense Slip List for the Day can be viewed.
  • You can quickly navigate to My Day, My Week, and My Month from the Slip List.
  • Display the slip source information on the slips and the slip list.
  • It is possible to restrict access to and/or modify invoice Contributions data.
  • Allows you to approve a payment, credit, or write-off without issuing a bill.
  • On the Billing Assistant List, you can show Nickname 1, Nickname 2, or both.
  • It is possible to save all bill images for specific clients.
  • A new selection filter for multiple-day slips is now available.
  • New fields have been added to custom client reports.
  • The conflict checking feature allows you to search for additional text.
  • Keep the Time Capture password in mind.
  • On a regular basis, look for updates.

Sage Timeslips Premium System Requirements for May 2021 – Service Release:

If you use third-party products to interface with your Sage product, ensure that they are fully compatible with this release by contacting the third-party product’s vendor. If you’re integrating with other Sage products, check with your business partner or Sage to ensure these components are compatible. Before you upgrade your software with the new service, you must also meet the minimum system requirements.

Let’s take a look at the system requirements that you need.

1. Requirements for the server:

  • Database files must be at least 100 MB in size.
  • RAM must be at least 8 GB (Recommended RAM is 16 GB)
  • You cannot save or backup your files on an NAS (Network Attached Storage).
  • You’ll need 300 MB of free hard disc space for application files.
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012**

2. Requirements for Terminal Server:

  • Windows Server 2019, 2016, and 2012R2 are the most recent versions of the operating system.
  • RAM must be at least 8 GB (Recommended RAM is 16 GB)

3. Connection to the internet: High-Speed Internet Access is Required:

  • Internet browsers that are Helpdesk.
  • Internet Explorer 11, the most recent version of the browser.
  • Microsoft Edge.

4. Requirements for a Workstation:

  • NAS (Network Attached Storage) does not Helpdesk
  • You’ll need 300 MB of free hard disc space for programme files; you’ll need more for other files if you save other files.
  • Windows 10 Professional
  • If you’re using a local database, you’ll need at least 100 MB.
  • 8.x version of Windows (excluding Windows RT)
  • You should have at least 4 GB of RAM (recommended 8 GB)

5. Network Connection via Wired Cable:

It is necessary to have a wired network connection. Wireless network connectivity is incompatible; a network adapter appropriate for your network type is require. Find high quality network gear recommended by the LANITA team..

6. Adobe Reader

Used to reviewing PDF files (Adobe Reader v11 is included with the Sage Timeslips installation); Adobe Reader installation requires an additional 25 MB of hard disc space.

7. Display

Display with 1024×768 resolution or higher; PC-compatible keyboard, mouse, and printer: A duplex printer is capable of printing on two sides of the paper.

Last Words

We hope that the above information gives you a good idea about the recent Sage updates and the offerings of the different variants. If you still need additional information or need assistance with the installation of these new versions or updates, you may contact our Sage well-versed staff of specialists.