Is your data secure with apple iOS 11’s iCloud Loophole

apple iOS 11's cloud loophole

Everyone is aware of Apple’s iPhone, obviously, it is a giant name in the Mobile market with great features and security. Although it is a little costly as compared to other brands still people are considering it for them. Apple is also in the market with its iPad, Macbooks, and Desktops. If we talk about security it has the best security as compared to other brands. Recently some user’s reported data leaks through iOS 11 iCloud came into news.

Security with apple iOS 11’s iCloud

Every second user is now using an iPhone and recently iPhone 11 pro has been launched. Which comes with a 5.8-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1125 pixels. Apple is enhancing its security day by day to give the best user-friendly experience to the customers. Every technology can be crack and data can misuse through a third party.

Apple is known for its security features because of its security features. It also states that there is a loophole in iCloud as well. iPhone data is currently encrypted on the cloud and iPhone. Apple does not provide keys to physical devices but it gives iCloud service which is more secure. And it is also recoverable. Although it does not means that no once cant access your phone or cloud id. As per the news, there is a hacker who successfully enters the iCloud security. So it’s been proved that data can be breached.

Security tips to stay secured always

iCloud is way too the public like a storage device like a hard disk. It’s just like a large hard drive, although you are getting the massive advantages as it’s in an open environment so there are some drawbacks. Not every second person can hack your iOS 11 iCloud but a knowledgeable computer expert can hack your files. There are some ways to keep your file and more secure. Some of them are below:

  • Don’ access apps and software that are not available in the iPhone database, it allows a way to breach your data security.
  • Keep accounts secure by using a different password at every device, most people use the same password everywhere which is a big cause of hacking.
  • Make sure to enable two-factor securities, It adds more security to your accounts
  • Update your phone regularly
  • Many people still using the 4 digit password or using no password, although apple launched its 6 digit password but using the old format of password is also a cause of data breach.
  • Use end to end encryption service


If you have an apple iPhone it doesn’t mean that your data is not accessible, this iPhone is also a machine so it can be accessed easily. Always use tips to make your data and phone safe. Although Apple is moving on with better data security for iPhone which can be the best data security as compared to other brands.